October 14

Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond! ⚖️ Pahla B Fitness


Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B, your best middle aged fitness friend, and here on the Pahla B Fitness channel we are all about making peace with your menopausal body. And one of the best ways to make peace is to get to a healthy weight that feels just right for YOU.

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Twice in the last two years, I’ve found myself… I’m gonna say “unexpectedly” gaining weight, but I know exactly why it happened!

I was doing what every other fitness trainer in the world will tell you is the formula for LOSING weight – I was moving more and eating less.

And the thing that’s hilarious about this is that of course I know that eating less and moving more doesn’t work for women our age! In fact, it’s actually the reason why we start to GAIN weight during and after menopause! I’ve seen this proof over and over again with my fitness clients, and yet… I guess somehow I didn’t think it applied to me.

But as soon as I started applying the five simple steps of The Five-OH Method, I easily took the weight right back off.

The Five-OH Method is my proven weight loss formula, backed by science and personal experience, that works like a charm for women of a “certain age.” I call it “Five-OH” because there are five simple things to do every day, and nearly every day on your weight loss journey, you’ll find yourself exclaiming, “OH! I didn’t know that about losing weight,” or “OH! I had no idea it could be this easy,” or “OH! I just learned something new about myself today.”

Here are the FIVE THINGS you’ll do every single day:
Eat the RIGHT NUMBER of calories, every single day consistently
Drink the RIGHT AMOUNT of water, every single day consistently
Get an ADEQUATE AMOUNT of sleep, every single day… or night 🙂
EXERCISE MODERATELY every single day, and
You’re going to MANAGE YOUR MINDSET. Every single day.

You guys, there’s nothing here that’s ground-breaking or crazy. You’re absolutely, 100% capable of doing all of it! The biggest challenge here is THINKING about weight loss in a really different way than you’ve been taught to believe for years.

And that’s exactly why I’m here for you!

I’ve written a really comprehensive eBook that’s completely FREE for you to download – find it here: – and in the book, I give a super thorough explanation of all five steps, but let me give you a quick overview right now:

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK, and let’s get started on finding a peaceful weight for your beautiful menopausal body.

Join me for the all-new “WALK Off the Weight for Women over 50” series, starting January 1, 2021:

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  • Pahla, you have really helped me change my mindset, from GO BIG or GO HOME, to be moderate and consistent every day. And I feel better physically and mentally (which gives the added benefit – I sleep better). Thank you

  • So excited for the new year! Thanks Pahla for what you have done for us all this year and for all you have planned for us in 2021 , Sara 🥰🌈

  • Folks this works! I lost 32 lbs in 2020 following Pahla. Prior had tried going to the gym 5 days a week with eating less and only lost 5 lbs in 9 months. I continue to follow and have maintained along with doing body shaping. Thank you Pahla for understanding us women of “a certain age” 💪🏻👍😀

  • Great advice! As I had posted on an earlier youtube, at age 68, in 2018, I had a health scare. It was then that I decided to “fix things” and have lost 51 pounds, from 172 to 121. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Wishing the best for all of us in 2021. We deserve it! Much love from Canada!

    • Hi Dawn. Hoping you’re well. Thank you for your congrats and kind words! As I mentioned, I had a health scare in 2018. I was experiencing what I thought were heart attack symptoms, chest pain, etc. My father died at age 66 from a heart attack so I immediately thought I was dealing with the same issue. I was 68 at the time, 70 now. Also, I was on the receiving end of some very unkind comments about my weight. Re: how long it took, I would guess about a year or so. I really didn’t keep track. My thought was that it took time to gain it and so it will take time to lose it, if it’s done sensibly. I weigh myself every morning and keep track of my weight. I don’t know if that’s excessive but it works for me. I also keep a log of my exercise i.e. weights, biking, resistance so that if I miss too many days, I can try to get back to doing what I should. I was very close to having knee replacement surgery but losing the weight helped me to avoid that. I hope all of this information is helpful to you.

    • @lovesmusic36 thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have just come across Pahla’s videos and she is so easy to listen to, and the comments are so positive and helpful. Congrats again, your weight loss is quite the achievement…and avoiding a knee replacement is an awesome benefit!

    • @Dawn Busby Yes, Pahla’s videos are very helpful. I was very pleased to have avoided the knee replacement. Before the weight loss, I was in so much pain that there were days when I was crawling upstairs. Now I can run up! If there is any other advice that I can offer, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • I am a new-bee to Pahla’s work-outs. Whole new thinking for me and it seems to be working. Thank you for laughing me through this!

  • I needed a mindset change because I was doing too much exercise! Moderation is difficult but after doing the 31 days of the WLC, I get it! I wanted to lose 8 lbs and I have lost 3.5 in these 31 days, I can do this and that feels so good! Thanks, Pahla!💕

  • Can’t wait for the new Weight loss series! Biggest Goal for 2021! Workout with Pahla!!!thank you so much for your channel! Love ❤️

  • I’m 44 and not yet menopausal, but I can tell my body is changing even in perimenopause. I’m so thankful for this series! It’s good to know we can be healthy and not beat our bodies up in the process.

  • Great video and explanations 😉 I really enjoyed this. I’m 58 and have been applying these things for a while now and have definitely experienced being able to maintain my weight without much effort. I think you’re onto something. Thanks for sharing!

  • Just found you today, for the past year I’ve gone from being very fit, working out 5 days a week to being soft and gaining weight for no apparent reason. I’m looking forward to diving into your book to see if I can learn something new to help!

  • Thanks Paula. I recently started a new exercise plan and have incorporated your videos. Today was my rest/yoga day and b/c I have grown to love cardio I actually did your moderate level Cardio Party this morning and really felt good. I love the idea of moderate cardio and it seems to be working. Thank you! I am going to start the March 7 day workout with you as well. 🙂

  • Pahla, you are the best! I am menopausal, with no thyroid. I love your advice that moderate exercise everyday is showing self love. Usually as women we give to others but tend to forget about ourselves. I have over 50 pounds to lose. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Omg. I kind of began realize this after teaching Zumba for 6 years 5 days a week and…gaining weight? So yes. Thank you for making this a reality!!! Truly great. You rock!!

  • Day 1 – more calories, moderate exercise, lots more water, keeping that good sleep, and a setting in a brand new mindset. Here we go! 🤘 I wanna be a killer beeeeeeee!! 🐝

  • Thank you Pahla. I am on day 17 of my 31 day January challenge, even though it is almost Oct 🙂 I have not seen really any weight loss yet. But I know I am toning and my cloths are fitting better. I was at such a stand still because I was one of those that was going to hard at exercising and gaining weight. I was very discouraged. But I feel like this is working for me and as I get better at drinking my water and counting those calories. Here’s to a healthier and stronger body in 2021

  • I really like this simple approach because it’s indeed all we need to do 👏👏👏👏👏 thank you to promote a healthy lifestyle !! When I see this video I know the area where I need to make progress this year …. Drink water and have time to meditate / manage my stress and of course exercise regularly … it was nice to see that 150 min a week is like 20 minutes a day and thus it’s doable when you create an habit out of it.

    You are absolutely right to promote strength training 💪 and balance exercices !!!!
    Even for « younger » women we only talk about cardio but having muscle is crucial to have a well defined body (and keep the muscle mass).
    I’m sure you have it also in your program but stretching thus staying supple is equally important.

    And the cherry on the cake, I would add mental stimulation : read books, go to theatre or painting exhibitions if you live in a city, do crosswords or sudoku, learn or speak a foreign language … in a nutshell train your brain 🧠

  • I’m late to this party but on day 2 and loving it! So fed up rolling around on the floor like a beached whale and getting nowhere so you exercise plan is perfect for me! I’ve downloaded the 5-0 method ebook (from the website if that link above doesn’t work) and currently reading through it to get all 5 golden rules in place! Thank you Pahla 🙂

  • Pahla, thank you so much for teaching us about our menopausal body! I’m learning so much from your YouTube videos ❤️

  • Yourvideos are always the best in that they are consistently filled with lots of wisdom & plain old common sense!

    Personally, I’ve lost weight counting calories and can attest to the fact that it does work, however, what I discovered along the way is that I really wasn’t happy limiting things that I knew were healthy for my gut like fruits and veggies, fresh olive oil, real sourdough bread and other cultured foods and I found that adding in alot more protein than I was used to was very unappealing and perhaps unnecessary. Not only that but I found it messed with my gut so I became very constipated and my skin (rosacea) was not happy. Once I made the switch I found that I easily lost and have maintained that loss, despite eating alot more calories.

    My sense is that, as a culture, we’ve gone to this “unnatural” calorie-counting approach as a remedy for our fast-paced lifestyles. People no longer cook. Sure many are not interested but are they not interested, because they don’t have the time? In the “old days”, everyone cooked, it was expected of them. No longer is that the case.

    Thankfully the science about nourishing our guts is starting to bear out and trickle down. I’m so grateful to finally be able to appreciate food and delete the calorie app from my phone lol. There is nothing like some yummy kefir and fruit for breakfast and then digging into a fresh salad with plenty of evoo, veggies and beans cooked in evoo as well with sourdough bread on the side and lots of fresh fruit and even some full-fat Greek yogurt for dessert. Yes, I still eat meat and fish and eggs but they are now on the side, the way ancient & less developed cultures have pretty much always eaten them. I have no doubt the calorie count is very high for a meal like that but don’t tell my gut lol!

    Thank you for your amazing work and for indulging my “musings” with a comments area. Keep up the great work you are doing helping so many!

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