October 14

30 Minute WEIGHTS Workout for Women over 50


Level FOUR | Heavy DUMBBELLS | ALL standing, NO cardio | BURN 125 – 175 calories

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Grab your WEIGHTS for this sweaty and challenging home workout designed especially for women over 50. Killer Bs, we’re boosting our metabolism and shaping our bodies with beautiful muscle tone in just 30 minutes!


And along the way, we’ll chat about WHY lifting weights so beneficial for women of any age. It’s great for:
πŸ’ͺ Increasing your calorie burn
πŸ’ͺ Building bone density
πŸ’ͺ Keeping your mind active
πŸ’ͺ Improving overall strength, and
πŸ’ͺ Shaping your body

Additionally, today’s complex strength training exercises will thoroughly work your upper body, lower body and abs, while also improving your balance. This workout is quick, efficient and effective – all without cardio or transitions to the ground! Warm up and cool down are included.


Timer is set for one minute intervals; complete each mini-circuit 3x

Mini-Circuit 1
Pull Aparts
Split Squats (one interval on each side)
Side Bends

Mini-Circuit 2
Alternating Press Ups
Rear Lifts (one interval on each side)
Twisting Torsos

FINISHER (complete one interval on each side):
Squatted Elbow to Knee Crunches



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  • Even though I’m still a beginner (level 2) I thought I’d give this a try. Used 5 lbs weights. It is a fantastic workout and now in my favorites playlist. Thank you Pahla for creating this one and all the rest.

  • Thank you Pahla! This was a tough one. Working on strengthening my back muscles, especially my psoas. Those balancing leg raises were deceptively tough LOL. Thank you for another great workout! xoxo

  • Hello Paula, thanks! Happy Saturday. Loved your workout! Love your energy and love that you talk us through and work it with us so we can stick with it! Look forward to joining you again in the next few days!

  • I enjoyed this. I have to sit through some of the exercises since my knee can’t take the standing still, but I’m used to modifying things to work for it. Thankyou! You are such a positive person!

  • This workout really allows you to recognize and feel the muscles that you are using! Loved every minute of it! On a side note Pahla, love the leggings! πŸ€—

  • This was awsome! I love those leggings. I used 8 lbs going to work up to 10… I so appreciate you doing workouts for women over 50

  • Hi Pahla. Omg I just found you and did yr workout. Your brilliant, vibrant, funny and super wonderful. At 57, an ex gym junkie since I was 17, and going through 6 major ops for breast cancer, I need all the motivation I can get, and you, sister, are just the medicine I need. Sending you sunshine from Oz x🌞🌺😊

  • Thank you! I’m a life-long fitness freak, but in the last three years I’ve lost all interest. I’m working my way back to exercising via your routines.

  • As a just turned 40 year old woman, I enjoyed this workout very much. Thank you for the great content!

  • I do love your workout thank you. I do break it up into two sessions so I do your first set of exercises in one day ☺️. And the second set the next day I do and both of the days with the squats

  • Just finished this weight training workout–first time! I’m 67, very active, need more strength training. Very doable, but challenging! I’ll be back! Thank you!

  • One year later still enjoyed this workout and you are hilarious! Thank you as always! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Wow used 8 lb. weights and had some shaking going on. I continued on with them even though there was that temptation for lesser weights, I persevered and pressed on. Like the others, could feel the sweat dripping down. Love these deceiving slo-mo exercises!

  • I really enjoyed this workout. It was a little longer than your current weight training videos and more difficult. Can we get more of these? Love you and your programs. They really are effective! Thank you!

  • Thank you Pahla for that somewhat tough workout. After completing any of your strength workouts, I feel exceptionally strong. Overall , it’s a good workout.!!!

  • I’m loving your energy and enthusiasm, Pahla! I’ve just found you at the beginning of my fitness journey, and I’m appreciative of your explanations of how the muscles work πŸ’œ

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