October 1

Ep. 307: 100% Consistency


You know you need to be consistent with your weight loss habits, but it feels so HARD. How can you get consistent, and exactly how consistent do you really need to be? In this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re diving deep into the topic of consistency so YOU can lose all the weight you want and keep it off forever.

In The 5-0 Method, I explain the five daily tasks that create weight loss:

Managing your mind
Eating the right number of calories
Drinking the right amount of water
Getting adequate sleep
Exercising moderately

And my standard for each of these five tasks is that you hit all five of them with 100% consistency, every single day.

Because the science is incredibly clear – weight loss is driven by 1.) believing that you can 2.) eating in a slight caloric deficit over time, and 3.) 4.) and 5.) supporting your metabolism while your body is doing the difficult job of converting fat into energy.

Hitting each of these tasks at 100% consistency *will* produce weight loss.

But the way you’ve probably tried to come at this is with willpower: you’ve simply demanded of yourself that you do these things. You’ve gritted your teeth, you’ve put your nose to the grindstone, you’ve clamped a lid on yourself, or restricted yourself.

What I want to offer you today is a way of thinking about, and achieving, 100% consistency that will guarantee not just your weight loss success, but your maintenance success, too.

– WHY building belief is so important on your weight loss journey
– The DIFFERENCE between belief and willpower, and
– Exactly HOW to build belief, step by step

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    • I use Pahla’s exercise videos almost every day, I have my favourites, but sometimes I just search for the month, and work through them. I’m maintaining my healthy weight and starting my strength training journey. Pahla is the only fitness influencer who I feel talks to my age group, and doesn’t intimidate those of us with disabilities.

  • Paula in the Get Your Goal doc in the purple box there mentions a group for $50 month. I can’t find how to join? Can you help please!!! Thanks.

  • Right on time! September was month 1 for me using your 5-O Method. The only thing I was 100% consistent on was journalling and I said, “I wonder if Pahla was a podcast on this.” Thank you for everything!!!

  • Perfect timing! Oct 1st so will be starting to keep track of what I can do with 100% consistency. Now need to get the updated 5-0 method.

  • Agree women are socialized to be pleasant and go along, school also keeps kids from listening to ques, Great how to with calorie count measurement in 30 days and evaluate, make changes, consistency happening without realizing it!! 🎉 thanks so much 🙏

  • This is exactly the peep talk I needed to tweak things better. The mind management is still my hardest past, and I know I need to do more of the journaling…. And basically make more space in my life for all of this. Going to download the new/latest version of you 5-0. Thank you, Pahla! 💜

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