September 24

Ep. 306: Are You Doing Too Much?


If you’re having trouble losing weight, taking a look at how much you’re working out is one of the first places you can troubleshoot. Menopausal women have different exercise and recovery needs than younger women, and – believe it or not – too much exercise can actually lead to weight GAIN over 50. On this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re exploring how much is too much.

Overexercise isn’t always the problem, but it’s a far more common issue than the internet would lead you to believe. And it’s particularly problematic for menopausal women, because we recover so differently than we used to.

We live in a society that values hard work, doing more, pushing yourself to extremes, and being the best. And I don’t argue with those values, exactly – but I do want you to understand the nuances of how to incorporate those ideals into your menopausal life. Especially as you’re losing weight.

– How to know when you’re doing too much (including the signs and symptoms you’ve been ignoring)

-Why you find yourself continuing to do what you’ve always done (even when you’re not getting the results you want)

-The step-by-step process for finding your balance and losing weight with ease (instead of willpower)

If you’re ready to get to your goal weight without pushing yourself to extremes, this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast is for you!

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