September 10

Ep. 304: Four Weight Loss Habits That Make Maintenance EASY


Of course you’re creating weight loss habits to lose weight, but did you know that some of the actions you’re taking will help with maintenance, too? In this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I’m sharing the four best weight loss habits you can build today to make maintenance easy.

When it comes to weight loss habits, most of us focus on things like eating in a caloric deficit, or exercising regularly. But there are other habits you can create now that will pay off big maintenance dividends later.

Four Weight Loss Habits That Make Maintenance Easy:
– Planning your meals ahead of time
– Looking at the big picture of your weight
– Complimenting yourself
– Drawing from success in other areas of your life

Losing weight successfully requires you to pay attention and act with intention – and maintenance is more of the same. This episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast will show you the way!

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  • Both the transcript and audio NEVER LIST THE WEIGHT LOSS HABITS. She talks about everything else, but never reveals her *secrets” to weight loss. I bet you would never be successful with me. I have bad sleep habits, I have sleep apnea and have to take medication that only PUTS fat ON. And the stress from my over charged apartment, also not ADA Compliant and tried to rip me off of trying to charge for application twice. Then the apartment I was put in became infested by roaches and flies ; RUINED a 70 year old family antique chair that was worth hundreds. But they charged me so much, that with my medical costs, I could barely afford to live. Westdale Hills is horrible and will pay for their dishonesty, not through anything I do.

  • Plan meals ahead of time; Make decisions from authority; start small – plan things night’s dinner; write it down, keep notes; revise over time

  • 4:40 The four points start. (1) PLAN YOUR MEALS, In the grocery store, I look for food that is already portioned for me. My top priority is protein. Whatever it is, if you are vegan bean or tempeh, and if not, fish, beef, and chicken. Look for proportioned items. It makes it fast and quick to prep meals. (2) LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE Timestamp – 16:57 Get all the data. Your weight will fluctuate. (3 or 4?) COMPLIMENT YOURSELF Timestamp – 22:40; Let yourself speak positive. and (4) DRAW FROM YOUR SUCCESS Timestamp 27:00.

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