September 3

Ep. 303: Three Tips to Start Losing Weight Today


Wanna start losing weight today? This episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast has my top three tips!

You’re ready to lose weight, so the first thing you do is a total pantry clean-out of all the junk food in the house. Then you set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual so you can get in a good, hard workout. You’re focused, you’re determined… and in two weeks, you’re right back where you started, eating dinner on the couch and complaining that your pants don’t fit.

Isn’t there a way to get off this feast or famine roller coaster and actually lose weight?

There is, and I’m going to share it with you today. I’ve got my top three tips to get started on sure-fire, sustainable weight loss. And even if these three tips don’t sound related, I promise, they are.

Here’s the overarching theme: work WITH your brain and your menopausal body, instead of against them.

Tip #1: Focus On Belief
Tip #2: Prioritize Pleasure
Tip #3: Plan for Recovery

Weight loss over 50 can be simple and sustainable, and this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast will show you how.

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  • Pahla, can you do a podcast just about maintenance? Some of us are using your 5-0 method to maintain healthy weight.

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