August 13

Ep. 300: Celebrating Your Weight Loss Wins


How often do you celebrate your weight loss wins? Every pound? Every five pounds? Or are you waiting until you get to your goal weight before you celebrate? Today’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast is a celebration of celebrating – plus a lesson on why it’s good for weight loss.

The science is clear: celebrating your wins helps you win even more. So why is it so hard for you to toot your own horn? And what can you do to make celebrating your wins easier?

We’re diving into the topic of celebration today!

– Why celebrating feels hard
– Why it’s a good idea to celebrate anyway
– How to celebrate in a way that changes your brain (for the better)

Plus, I’m modeling celebration for you on this, the 300th episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast. Yay, me!

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  • Wow, thank you so much Pahla! You have every reason to celebrate all your latest successes so don’t feel uncomfortable sharing them with us!! 😊 I am in the process of moving home and have become stressed and overwhelmed with all that involves so Thank You, I am going to celebrate every cupboard emptied and every box packed to see how I’m progressing!! Not something I have considered before so huge thanks for pointing this out! ❤ Also, I’m going to celebrate the fact that I “found” you during COVID lockdown and how you continue to inspire me to find ways to deal with… Well, life!!! Well done me! 😂 Love the video format Pahla, for all your insecurities about it, it works for me!! xxx

  • I like this new format and being able to see you. I don’t think you sound different. Very helpful as I don’t celebrate wins as you talked about. Time to change things up.

  • I just watched the video and I rather listen to the podcast. You tend to go off topic more when we can see you! Not sure if that makes sense. On the podcast you stick to the script and there is less chatter.

  • I know I’m afraid to celebrate my wins because my first “unhelpful thought” is “If I’m happy or excited, something bad is gonna happen.” Interesting to think about. “I think if I’m happy or excited, something bad is gonna happen” – scared, worried – Unhelpful!!! This episode just opened a new box of unhelpful thoughts for me to journal about. 😅

  • You don’t appear nervous to me. You may feel nervous but you seem fine! Love the video format as well!! I believe in celebrating “little” things. I focus on those wins at work with my employees. Always good to “catch” each win! Positive reinforcement!

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