July 16

Ep. 296: Why You Overindulge (and What To Do Instead)


It happens to all of us: you go out with friends or family and fully intend to stay within your calorie target and stay on track for weight loss, but you find yourself overindulging. It seems like this behavior is beyond your control, but in this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I’m sharing the real reason you overindulge and offer a solution for what you can do instead.

My friend, food is not just fuel – we’ve all been socialized to associate it with feelings of love, comfort, and pleasure. Overindulgence occurs in social situations or special occasions, and is driven by a desire to feel loved and connected.

But here's the thing: no amount of food or drink can truly fill the void. The only person who can fill it is you. By investing in yourself and cultivating feelings of love, joy, and celebration from within, you can break the cycle of overindulgence.

So, instead of viewing indulgence as a negative or self-sabotaging act, think of it as an investment in your relationships, pleasure, and self-worth. You deserve pleasure, joy, and connection. By investing in yourself, you'll find a healthier balance and a more sustainable approach to indulgence.

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