July 9

Ep. 295: Are You Too Old to Lose Weight?


Weight loss has gotten so much harder in your 50s (and beyond), hasn’t it? You’ve started thinking that maybe you’re just too old to lose weight. But in this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re kicking that thought to the curb and exploring both the science and the mindset of losing weight at any age.

You, my friend, are NOT too old to lose weight. Regardless of your age, your gender, or your life circumstances, weight loss is driven by two essential factors: believing that you can, and eating in a slight caloric deficit.

For the belief piece, I like to rely on science and “stack” my belief in myself on top. Meaning, you can believe that you personally are capable of losing weight because you are a biological specimen that always responds to certain principles.

So, why does it feel so much harder to lose weight than it used to?

Because when you were younger, you could get away with drastic calorie restriction, but now you need to be more strategic and efficient in your behaviors. Eating in a *slight* caloric deficit is key, instead of the extreme measures you’re used to.

No matter your age, it's time to rewrite the narrative and approach weight loss with confidence, knowing that science (and the Get Your GOAL podcast!) is on your side.

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  • Hi Phala, are you doing no more excercise videos 😢? I’m missing it especially challenges, I know there are a lot, but new ones? Love doing it 😄🤸‍♂️

    • Hi Daniela! I agree! I miss the new videos too! It made it fun and simple to choose what to do. Making decisions are hard enough!!! Between food choices,how much exercise daily,and keeping things in moderation. Gets confusing!!!!😝

  • 1800 calories sounds nice to me. If a woman weighs 130 & needs to lose 5 lbs, or 120 & needs to lose 5 lbs, it feels a lot harder to stick with 1200 or 1300 calories a day.

    • I say this with love (because I know you’ll hear it that way!): just because it “feels hard” to eat that amount of food doesn’t mean that it IS hard. When that’s how much fuel your body needs, you’re sated and full of energy, rather than overfull and sluggish from eating too much. There’s nothing “hard” about your body operating at peak efficiency. 💛💛💛

  • Needed to hear this. Been struggling to take care of me while being a caregiver for my dad. And now my DH is having health issues as well.

  • Hi Paula so how do you figure out what your calorie deficient is ? I am going to be 61 and weigh 168 and am only 5 feet tall.

  • Morning Paula, I hear you and I try, but does this method work as easily with someone who also has hypothyroidism?

    • You’ll want to speak with your doctor about what’s best for you. And perhaps, rather than looking for something that’s “easy,” you’ll want to think about what’s sustainable over the long term. 💛

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