October 10

Do I EVER Eat Junk Food? Maintaining Low-Carb Weight Loss


I am often asked if I EVER eat junk food or pasta or bread or let myself have any high-carb treats. The short answer is yes, I do…Now that I am at the stage of maintaining my weight. But it hasn’t always been that way. I have been producing videos since 2012. This is a video topic I have never covered on YouTube before. So, here we go!

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  • Thank you ..wow this came to me in a perfect time as today is the day I planned to reboot my eating as I am out of control and plan one approaching one day at a time to get through without just eating to eat..now off to your website!

    • I started watching you several years ago when I turned to Keto however after having a heart attack 2 years ago I am now vegan , do you have any videos on this or articles on your site??

    • @Dr. Becky Gillaspy I would also credit you with a major contribution towards saving my life. I’ve been watching you for about four years now since I had a major diabetic breakdown. I’m now 65 pounds lighter and my blood sugar usually tests around 100. Thank you!

  • Unlike my other 2 diets, I’m really worrying about maintenance, don’t want to climb back up a 3rd time. Thanks for this video, there isn’t enough out there on maintenance.

    • Me to
      I try to fast daily even on the weekends at a minimum of 12 hours. During the week I fast 15-18 hours. I may eat what I want at special occasions. A piece of cake or a bread is ok on occasion in moderation when you get to maintenance. You can fast 3-4 days and go low carb 5 days a week.

  • Dr Becky after i suffered a concussion 3 mos ago i gained 10 lbs overnight the day after my concussion. Seemed crazy. Ever heard of this. Now 3 mos later im losing again. I didnt change my eating habits and i look the same. ??? Love your vids❤

    • A sudden change like that would make me want to rule out things like, am I using the same scale? It is not uncommon to have different scales provide different results.

  • I am doing keto. Have lost 35 pounds since May 18th. I am 67 and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I go for blood work next month, and I am sure I will be in remission. You are an inspiration. Was up above 200 pounds and now holding at 165 lbs. I like your common sense approach to maintaining my weight and health. We are not robots and need to enjoy life without sabotaging our diet.

  • Why eat any Cancer fuel at all. Had a relative pass from cancer caused by years of a high sugar fruit diet. 50 years of metabolic damage will do that.

    • Because it’s human. And fruit is delicious. And as a human I won’t go through life depriving myself of fruit and coffee cake and the occasional treat. Many foods are embedded in history and culture and are part of our shared humanity —- I’m not going to anathematize them and pretend they’re toxic. Because in moderation? They are Just. Fine.

  • I photograph many weddings a year. Wedding cake is my absolute favorite. However, I never allow myself to eat it because I am at weddings too many times a year. That’s one of my boundaries.

  • This could be such a slippery slope …. for me, allowing traditional Thanksgiving fare back in opened the door to a descent in return of 25 of my 44 lb weight loss. I discovered I am a carb addict. Best for me to totally stay away. Especially since my husband isn’t on my plan and the products are still in my home. Finally, I’m back on track, but much slower progress this time around.

  • Thank you for this video Dr. Becky. I completely understand why you are reluctant to share that you do treat yourself now and then but so happy to hear you do! I’ve suffered from IBS most of my life but since following your diet and following your intermittent diet book ( FANTASTIC AND LIFE CHANGING!) , I’ve lost my,menopausal belly fat at 67 and my IBS is so much better! I do occasionally eat my old favorite food group ~ chips and salsa ~ but I get back to proper eating for myself right away. I don’t always feel as well after eating it though which makes sense and gives me pause. Thank you!

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