December 31

Did you know THIS was so important for weight loss?


Sleep and water affect weight loss as much as diet and exercise. Download The 5-0 Method today at #shorts


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  • Paula are you not making exercise videos anymore and just shorts because if so I think I’m done I like your videos I’m not gonna be good for shorts I don’t care about short I need to move if you’re not gonna make new ones please at least let me know thank you very much sincerely Lotus villas you’re quite a while I would hate to not be able to exercise every day with you even though you have passed videos new videos are always nice I’m not gonna short I hate them

    • @Kim S thanks so much 🌻 I think I figured it out I think she’s on a book tour because I just went two months ago I went behind two months and just worked out and it was October and she was talking about doing her book and getting it published in November and then doing a book tour the whole year of 2023 so that’s what’s going on and I’m talking not texting cause I have muscular dystrophy so I hope this looks OK sorry about anything that doesn’t again thank you so Kim I will try that I hope this looks OK if not forgive me my apologies

  • I think it’s all you’re going to do or shorts you didn’t they only are to me or on your video rather you didn’t make it clear if you were just doing shorts for all of 2023 I just don’t know can you make that clear can you make it more clear in a video please so I can watch all your videos just make it clear are you only doing shorts for the year 2023 yes or no because it is yes I’m not gonna watch any of them I’m not and I think shorts are good for anything I like your exercises that’s why I subscribed good luck that’s what’s going on in your life either way you’re still on great person to exercise with I like your style but like I said all you gonna do are shorts then i think im done until hopefully you make more new videos i love laughing and exercising with you and I would miss that. Please explain further as im not quite clear on what you are doing or meaning. Very truly, lotus 😢😊

  • Hey Paula and hey fellow people out there who watch Paula I finally figured out what’s going on or I think at least I do and I hope Paula lets me know when where the other video whatever applies but I went back two months ago and I just now did a work out from the October video she was talking about making a book and publishing it in November and then doing a tour in the year 2023 so that’s what I’m thinking is happening she’s doing shorts all year long and do you wanna book tour for a whole year so good on her I’m happy for her I’m just gonna miss her every day doing workouts I’ll just have to use the older videos hopefully she does some new ones hope out everybody out there forgives me I’m not getting on Paula at all actually I love this woman I have muscular dystrophy and working out with her has helped me tremendously by the way I’m talking not texting everybody so that’s if any words look strange my apologies so good luck Paula if that’s what’s going on I wish you all the luck in the world I hope your book is great and I hope you are doing great as well as your family good luck in the new year and this for everybody love to all🌷

  • I wish coaches like you would stop telling people that they can lose weight quickly. There is nothing quick about losing weight correctly. These fad diets, pills, rubs, special exercises, etc… give, desperate people false hope. Anything worth doing won’t come easy. Do better.

    • She said as quickly as possible, that means as quickly as your body is capable of losing weight. It took me a little over a year to lose 50 pounds on her 5-O method. Not everyone may lose that amount in that period of time or they may lose more,, or less. It depends on the individual. It’s science not magic that Paula promotes in her 5-O method

  • Looking forward to starting off the new year with the Walk off the Weight 31 day series. It’s where I started with you a year and a half ago. I’ve lost 40 lbs and kept it off. My health is so much better and I’m running my 4th 5K in a few days! Thanks for everything!

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