May 25

Denise Austin’s Zone 2 Cardio Workout | 8-MIN


Welcome to a NEW 8-minute workout! Zone 2 cardio is a big word in the workout space these days, and for good reason! It's a great way to get the right amount of cardio in, without over exerting yourself. Get up and do this workout with me today; and read the blog linked below for more info on Zone 2 Cardio!

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  • I remember meeting you in a mall in Philadelphia back in “94. You signed a picture for me with your autograph with a reminder to stay fit. Our girls were the same age.
    ❤Becky n MS ❤️

  • Good morning 🌞🌻great work out 👍👌…love this so much. Nice greetings from Bavaria Germany ❤

  • Denise Austin is The World’s BEST Fitness Expert Ever & I’m Proud to be a Fan of hers.
    DENISE AUSTIN IS # 1 👍🏻🪙👍🏻

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