November 19

BONUS: Updates


There’ve been some behind-the-scenes changes in Get Your GOAL-ville, so it’s time to share a few updates about what’s been happening and what’s coming next!

Join me in this bonus episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast to hear about my new cats (yes, plural), how it’s going with this year’s business pivot, why I’m taking a brief hiatus, and some minor but fun changes coming soon to the podcast.

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  • I’m 45 and have been watching and doing your excercises for a while. They were great! So entertaining while working out. Sad you won’t be doing those anymore 😢

  • Loved watching and listening. I can relate in a way as my boyfriend and I bought a house and recently did the huge move. Plus I am in retail with holidays so I am taking a hiatus doing your workouts which I love. I have been doing working out with carrying things during the move and my work too. I have maintained my weight for 2 years now and actually dropped weight due to being so busy I know I am not eating enough. So I’m hoping that I don’t think I can eat anything and regain it. I think I will be ok. I am so happy you got cute kittens. My cat, Hope just turned 13 years old on Nov. 18th and she still acts like a kitten at times and wakes me up in the new home like she did in out apartment looking at me upside down behind my head around 4am. Good for you taking some off and getting well deserved “me” time Happy Holidays we’ll see you next year!!

  • I use your old exercise videos to maintain my healthy weight. I used your book, and your YT “shorts” and podcasts this year, to keep me on track. ❤ everything you do!

  • Will miss the 10 minute express videos. No worries . I’ve got several memorized. Congratulations on all your changes.

  • At 57 I began doing your workouts daily two months ago and I can tell such a difference!! You are such a beautiful uplifting lady!!!! ❤❤

  • Congratulations on the kitties! My daughter also has a Cosmo! Also congratulations on your journey! You have helped me on my healthy weight loss journey. We are the same age. Thank you and good luck❤

  • Since you are not doing new exercise videos, do you have a suggestion for someone to follow that doe exercises for those of us over 50? Congratulations on the new kittens and sorry about blossom.

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