November 13

Beyond Color: Confidence, Radiance, and Energy in Your Closet


Beyond Color: Confidence, Radiance, and Energy in Your Closet Color has so much more to it than your favorite color and truly may be the key to better relationships, businesses, and feeling confidence and powerful.

It’s not just one favorite color, but a family of colors that are about you, for you and cheering in your corner. You can choose to relate best, to have more power, or to command attention and authority while being authentic.

Want a compliment like, “you look amazing?” Instead of “I love that dress” ? don’t miss this!

PS – the human error in creating the video (that you will find on companion to this episode has Jennifer’s video a small Picture in Picture video. While still seen it’s not ideal. Apologies from the human responsible!! – Debra

My Guest:

Jennifer Butler is the leading expert in the sociology of style and color. Her experience lies in the art of visual communication, understanding that mastery of appearance is critical to effective communication. Building on her fashion expertise, knowledge of human nature, and understanding of color, she develops style and color palettes that reveal the essence of an individual’s personality. Through her work, Jennifer helps clients to powerfully, authentically, and effectively express themselves.

Questions we answer in this episode:

How did you get started? Playing with color sounds fun!

How do you create a person's color palette?

What happens when one wears colors that are not present in one's pigmentation?

Why do you reference Seasons?

Can you explain what you mean by "Sacred Geometry"

How does Sacred Geometry apply to what you wear?

How does wearing your own color palette and geometry make you Authentic?

What is your take on trending styles?

How is Authentic Beauty really ageless?

Where does the wisdom part come in?


A call: 323-931-26266 Leslie

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