February 19

AFFIRMATIONS for weight loss


Affirmations don't work, but journaling does! Join the Get Your GOAL group to learn more: www.getyourgoal.com/work-with-me


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  • Yes, they do work. I have an affirmation that I say every day. It’s “My body is body is beautiful in this moment and at it’s current size”. I have been saying that every day and I have been losing about 1 pound a week for about 3 weeks now. Every time I struggle with an exercise, I would say that affirmation. so It does work. You just have to work at it. Please try it again.

  • For affirmations to work, you have to be patient for the affirmation to work. It takes time so please be patient. I have learned a lot how to be patient by living with selective mutism. Selective mutism is an extreme anxiety disorder where a person who is usually able to speak does not speak in specific situations or to specific people. It is when we are comfortable that we can speak.

  • “When your thoughts feel good, they will take you to your goal” is your last line in this short, which means that affirmations Will work if they Feel good. So why are you declaring that affirmations don’t work as a blanket statement? You contradict yourself in this one.

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