November 4

10 Minute Standing Stretch Workout // Gentle Yoga Exercises for Seniors & Beginners


Thank you for joining me for this gentle 10 minute all standing stretch. These are great stretches to do anytime or as a cool down from your workout.

The stretching exercises featured in this video are perfect for everyone including seniors and beginners. Make sure you don't push your body too far. It takes time to gain flexibility and see results. I often say a good stretch point may feel a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be painful. Only perform movements to your range of motion and remember to take nice long deep breaths. Focus on relaxing your muscles while holding a stretch and fulling breathing in and out.

Stretching is vital for the health of our muscles and our mobility. These stretches can be performed anytime by themselves or after a workout. Please make sure that you are nice and warm before starting the video. You will feel better and get better results as well as reducing the risk of pulling a muscles if your body is nice and warm.

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