November 28

Pilates Workout for Posture // Senior & Osteoporosis Friendly Exercises


Thank you for joining me for this 30 minute full body Pilates routine. This great video focuses on exercises for your posture and core. All exercises are also good for those with osteoporosis and/or osteopenia. We will keep our spine in a neutral position throughout the routine. There are not any exercises that involve any rounding or twisting of the spine or back.
The workout begins in a standing position. Make sure to have a chair or something you can hold on to for support for a few of the exercises that challenge your balance. There are also a few exercises that we will perform against a wall. Try to have a blank wall space available. The workout concludes with glute, thigh and core exercises on the mat.
I hope you enjoy this gentle but affective workout. You will feel taller and like you accomplished something! Let me know how you liked this workout in the comments!

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