February 10

Did You Do The Pump & Walk 🙌 #shorts


how to reach 10,000 steps with micro workouts throughout the day…Walking exercise back in the 80s was named the pump and walk…To do the proper “pump ‘n’ walk,” take a “diagonal stride,” swinging the arm opposite the striding leg, i.e., when your left leg is striding forward, your right arm is pumping, and vice versa. Keep your elbows close to your sides, and curl the weight up, palms facing inward. Hold a pair of dumbbell weights and go…. Try this walking workout now to get fit, build muscle and feel strong!


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  • I do believe that I have enough weight on my body that these little weights aren’t going to add much too my exercise. LOL. I’m old enough to remember the power walk phase. It works.. although the person doing it tends to look silly.

  • aaahh the days of ‘Let’s get physical’, non-stop jumpy aerobics classes, Richard Simmons on tv screens, Jane Fonda’s workout VHS… so that’s why I’m so burnt out.

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