April 7, 2018

Is going through the same workout routine over and over beginning to crush your spirits? Do you struggle to make it to each of your scheduled workout sessions? Is the idea or hiring a personal trainer out of the question due to low funds? Are you currently trying to break out of a workout plateau? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you definitely need to get yourself a training friend or partner.


Sticking to the exercise part of a fitness plan is not easy. Chances are you will hit a few roadblocks along the way to your overall wellness. Sharing this journey with a friend makes things so much easier as that person can act as the driving force that keeps you going. So, get yourself a workout buddy and enjoy the following benefits.


#1: More Discipline

One of the best benefits of having a training partner is that you get someone to hold you accountable. With a friend, you must create a schedule of the dates and times to meet for training sessions. With a clearly defined schedule in place and a friend counting on your presence, you are far less likely not to show up for a workout. So, even if it has been raining nonstop all day and the last thing you want is to head out to the gym at 6pm in the evening, the thought of inconveniencing your friend will make you think twice about cancelling the scheduled workout. As a result, you will end up making it to all scheduled workouts and therefore consequently develop an unshakable discipline to exercising regularly.


#2: Motivation

In addition to becoming that reason that ensures you make it to the gym, a workout partner can be a great source of encouragement. He/she can push you to go beyond your limits during workouts and encourage you to keep going when you are close to giving up.


#3: Fun

Unless your idea of exercise is rock climbing or a round of squash at your favorite fitness center, solo workouts can get boring pretty fast. Bringing in a second person to the picture can inject some fun into the task of exercising. Aside from some idle chitchat that can make gym time more interesting, there are endless possibilities to make workouts fun. You could make simple workouts more interesting by including a twist such as throwing a ball back and forth as both of you do some sit-ups. Alternatively, you could engage in one-on-one games for fitness, introduce each other to new workout options, or try out 2-person exercises.


#4: A Free Spotter/Trainer 

Nothing is as annoying as having to laze around the gym as you wait for the fitness instructor to finish up with another client before coming to you. Not only does it lead to time wastage and slow down your workout momentum, but it also leaves you vulnerable to making stupid mistakes like asking a random person who probably knows nothing about proper form to spot you. With a fitness friend however, you will not have to go through that, as you will have your very own personal spotter who can also act as a trainer. He or she can have your back during weightlifting routines, ensure you maintain proper form with all workouts, and best of all count your reps. All you will have to do is clear your mind of all distraction and focus on making it to the end of your routines.


The accountability, motivation, fun, and safety that a training friend brings to the table all work towards making you exercise more and harder than you normally would by yourself. As a result, you get to enjoy better and faster results that see you go beyond your initially set fitness goals. And that is what makes a workout buddy such an invaluable addition to a fitness plan!