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5 Healthy Drinks To Add To Your Diet

When people get tired of drinking water, they often choose to drink sodas or other types of unhealthy drinks filled with overwhelming amounts of sugar. Although it’s completely normal to get sick of water from time to time, you should be more careful when you choose to use as a substitute for it. However, you […]

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Meal Plan & Prep For Busy People

If you are like many people, you have such a busy life, that making homemade, healthy meals each day is a constant struggle. Instead of just giving in and going through the local drive-thru or ordering pizza three nights a week, why not give meal planning and meal prepping a try? Here are some things […]

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The Difference Between Juicing and Smoothies

Smoothies and juices are both loaded with nutrients and taste fabulous. While they do have the same properties as the fruits or vegetables in their raw form, their being in liquid form have different textures and appearances. These difference lie in the procedure, methods, and machines used to make each drink.   The Major Differences […]

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Vitamin C 101

Vitamin C, technical name ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin present in certain foods but that can also be obtained through supplementation. Humans are different from other animals in that they can’t synthesize the vitamin by their own bodies but must get it elsewhere. The Benefits Of Vitamin C We need vitamin C in order […]

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Kettlebell Kickboxing 101

Kettlebell kickboxing has become one of the most popular workouts in recent years. Its popularity is largely due to its ability to get results for almost anyone, and in a relatively small period of time. What Is Kettlebell Kickboxing Kettlebell kickboxing is a unique mix of both cardio and strength training that brings many benefits […]

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