October 14

You’ve Cut Carbs…Now What Do You Eat? | Low Carb Diet


Cutting refined and starchy carbs out of your diet will help you lose weight and steady your blood sugar. But, if you remove these fun foods from your diet, what's left to eat? In this video, I let you know what to eat on a low carb diet and show you how to build a satisfying and effective weight loss diet by making smart food choices.

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  • Thank you, Dr Becky. I am 63 year old woman living in Australia. I have started low carb/keto a week ago with you and Dr Kieth as my guides. It is so interesting to me to be able to eat exactly the way I was brought up to eat: eggs and bacon for breakfast, beef and lamb from the local butcher, butter, fatty fish and lots of low carb vegetables (and potatoes and bread but I’m not having those now). We were healthy and fit and never had a health problem.

  • I really admire the fact that you’re willing to learn and grow instead of sticking stubbornly to what you’ve always believed. I’m trying to do the same thing. I’ve always been a fan of low carb, but in the past I’ve done it very meat heavy and been afraid of getting too much fat and I’ve had a problems losing significant weight, so I’m trying to have faith and eat more fats.

  • This is a woman who’s dedicated herself to studying and understanding nutrition to help others understand nutrition and it’s principles to improve their health…this is not someone who popped up in the last couple years after taking some online courses and out to sell you a million $ in their health “products”! AWESOME! I listen to her lectures a couple times to absorb all she says!

  • I started keto yesterday. Hardly any carbs, lots more good fats. I wasn’t hungry even for a second. I’ve lost weight already. No cravings. No midnight feast! That’s a first for a very long time. I’m reading and learning about low carbs high fat constantly. Thank you so much.

  • I’ve read all about the information given in this video. Yes, I understand the science behind it all. My problem is still food choices! I was hoping for an actual suggestion list! Some foods that are easily forgotten or looked over. Currently I keep revolving around chicken, eggs, cheese, avocado then repeat! The repetition and boredom is killing me! Thank you.

  • Love your videos ❤

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    -Amino acids are building blocks, not protains.
    -Animal protains has all the amino acids we need. Vegetables don’t have them all, and vegetables contains a good amount of carbs which may elevate our glucose levels.
    – Carbs are metabolized as glocose
    -High fiber carbs are still carbs. So if you eat a lot of it, your blood glocose level will be higher.

    By the way, you look very good. You look way younger than your age.

    Keep up the good work 👍

  • Hi Becky. I’m a new subbie from New Zealand. This video is a definite 👍 like. Being overweight has always been a struggle for me, and it still is. After watching and listening to you. I said to myself… I want to lose weight. And I hope with your helpful advice, I can make it!

  • Nicely presented – thank you. It’s great to see medical professionals embracing this. Like you, I lived it. I changed and realized how wrong the established thought is. I lost a lot of weight while eating all these delicious, rich, fatty foods you are not supposed to. Mental clarity. Mood greatly improved (lots). My A1C tests went from 9-10 down to 6 and I was able to take myself off of Glipizide but I still use Metformin. This is eating real foods and cooking meals from scratch. From 180 to 139 lbs. in just over 4 months. It’s a return to eating well. Not a fad diet. Put down the boxed frozen low-fat diet meal and go fry a steak in butter with mushrooms and onions. But add a little olive oil to the butter so it won’t burn.

  • Great video! I am on a lot of medication for my underactive thyroid and suffered gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. Despite breastfeeding my son, I’ve struggled hugely with losing the baby weight and had been hitting it hard at the gym with high-intensity workouts 3 times a week which unfortunately were not making any huge difference to my weight. I think the key thing is that I struggle with late afternoon sugar cravings (combined with tiredness as my son still wakes throughout the night) and I haven’t been able to get these under control. This past week I have been trying to substitute my usual biscuit/sweet afternoon binges with home made smoothies instead but will take this information on board for my weekly shopping trips and see if it helps.

  • Dr Becky. Thank you for your comments. Having worked in healthcare since the 1980’s it’s been devastating to see the BMIs of individuals increase so dramatically. It used to be a rarity to encounter an individual who weighed 400+ pounds… and now it’s common. We have extended seats on wheelchairs, in waiting rooms, and even hospital beds, with width and weight loads accommodating the 400 pound or greater individual. It’s SAD … and unfortunately becoming increasingly acceptable. Your gentle, humble approach to this sensitive topic is appreciated.

  • This is one of the best videos I’ve seen on explaining bad and good carbs and fats, and the role insulin plays as a storage hormone. Thanks very much Dr!!

  • It would be great if you gave some examples of those foods that you recommend to eat (high fiber, low carb)

  • Great video!! I did keto for over a year and lost over 58 pounds. Now I have the ridiculous notion to try out for a natural bodybuilding contest in the near future. Because of this new goal, I know that good carbs are essential for me in terms of energy and muscle glycogen. Therefore I switched to a more flexible approach to eating for the past few months. It’s a lot more work than keto, in that I have to track everything I eat everyday, but as long as I keep my calories in a deficit, I am losing weight and my body composition is improving. Hopefully I will be ready to compete next year, but man this is hard, when you get below 11 percent body fat, it gets tough and the progress is way slow. So I keep up the fight and move forward with all my might. Thanks again for the helpful videos, doc!!

  • Dr Becky…..I think we would love for you to do a few “What I eat in a day videos” The visuals always help when we’re trying to figure out what meals are helpful to eat!!!! Thank You 😊

  • Two month ago I decided to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible, not as a temporary diet, but as a permanent. The reason was not to lose weight; that came as a side effect. The reason was to enhance my mood and alertness by reducing sugars.
    The result has been truly amazing and one powerful argument for staying away from carbohydrates permanently; that reducing the sugar intake results in a (significantly rapid) weight loss is only a welcomed bonus 🙂

  • Dr. Becky, thank you for your informative and very helpful video. I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis and had no clue what to eat. I am 57 years old and have no other medical conditions. Your video really helped in giving me advice on what to include in my diet, since I had been doing Keto up to now. Your advice was greater than what I actually found on the diverticulitis videos. I wasn’t given instructions by my Dr on what to eat, but I was told by the PA to Google my condition? What? I put myself on liquid diet for 2 days and semi for 3. Now I’m going to use your advice to aid in my nutrition to get me back on track. Thank you.

  • You are absolutely correct mam! I m a living proof of what you’ve explained. Lost 35 pounds in one year of low carbs and low sugar and staying active everyday. Just turned 50 and I’ve never felt healthier in my life than I do now!
    We were all feeding ourselves wrong when it’s really not that complicated.
    Thank you for reinforcing my belief in what I was and still doing!
    Low carb low sugar for life

  • Thanks for the info. It sounds like you have had the same revelation that Dr Bosworth and Dr. Barry had about fats. I have been following their recommendations not so much for weight loss but to reduce inflammation. Most of my aches and pains are now gone or much less server. A knee that hasn’t bent very well for 5 years is near full range of motion.

  • Thank you Doctor for this informative video introducing some of the overall concepts to healthy eating. I’m 55 and a below knee amputee of 2 years. Adapting to my situation caused my activity level to suffer and so I started putting on more and more weight and was turning diabetic. Following advice from your channel as well as others, I totally cut out the carbs in a healthy way. My typical meals now include some sort of protein like steak, salmon, or chicken with the skin as well as sautéed vegetables in olive oil and some fruit such as apples, blueberries or strawberries. Occasionally I will have almonds or cashews for snacks. All of these foods are easy to find in the local grocery store or even in our family restaurant. I also make sure my portions are under control by calorie counting. I now hit the elliptical trainer 4 times a week. All of these have been a change from my previous nutrition and exercise but not totally bonkers and have been easy to maintain. No more sugar, flour or rice products. I have now hit my goal weight and lost 25 pounds in about 2.5 months! My latest blood work from a couple weeks ago indicated I am now almost back to normal triglycerides and A1c levels and my combined cholesterol is down to 138! Your channel as well as others’ have been very motivational and informative. Thank you!

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