October 19

Workout to music of the 50’s & 60’s | At Home Workout | Elvis Presley and more! | Improved Health πŸ’—


I had so much fun creating this workout for you! This workout to the 50's & 60's is created to thank all of you who have commented, liked and subscribed to my channel (and of course, if you are new here, welcome to my channel!). In this workout, we'll move to Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, Tutti Frutti and more. This walking workout is suitable for anyone wanting to work out at home. I would assume most of you seeing this video are seniors since you're the biggest fans of the music of the 50's! I know there is a huge range of fitness abilities with seniors so please keep in mind your limitations and work within those limitations. If the movement is too fast for you, please slow down your pace and do whatever move or pace works best for YOU. I hope you all enjoy the workout! Also, please have a chair handy for the stretching portion at the end. Since I feel most of you will be seniors, I thought stretching from a chair would be best:) By all means, you can stand for most of the stretches, too, if you choose.

Please keep in mind, there will be ads in this workout which I have no control over due to the copyrighted music.

If you enjoyed the workout, please hit the thumbs up button, subscribe and write a comment! I'd love to hear from you! The more likes a video gets, the more it gets 'out there' so I would really appreciate you hitting that like button! Thanks so much:)

Wishing you improved health!

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Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician before starting any 'Improved Health' fitness program or any other fitness program. This content is not medical advice and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. The use of the information provided in this video is solely at your own risk.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Sugar Sugar
02:45 I Can't Help Myself
05:15 Hound Dog
06:44 Great Balls of Fire
08:14 Let's Twist Again
09:44 Tutti Frutti
11:14 Johnny B. Goode
12:44 Jailhouse Rock
14:14 My Guy
15:46 Stretching to Stand By Me


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  • I’m 64 and haven’t exercised in years… I lived thru this music and your program got me up and out of the chair. I was able to do most of it (not that coordinated ~πŸ˜‚). Your method of exercising is so refreshing. Especially when you are older… Thank you so much

    • I will start tomorrow I’m 54 and weigh 340lbs Ill keep you updated on my progress, I just got motivated thank you.

    • @Jose Espinosa Good Luck.. I know it’s hard to find a good workout, being older & overweight, but I just love her workouts.

    • @Jose Espinosa I am SUPER excited to hear about your progress in the next few weeks. You CAN do this! On days when you don’t feel like working out, just try 5 minutes and hopefully those 5 minutes will energize you to do more. One step at a time, Jose:)

    • I’m 64 as well, Joni, and you are spot on! The music, the moves, Jules, all make me want to move again – so freakin’ enjoyable!!

    • @Pamela BH I don’t even know how to respond to your comment but just to say, I have a huge smile on my face! Thanks so much, Pamela. I am very happy to have people enjoy exercise! πŸ’–

  • I know this is an older video but just found your channel. You have made my exercise possible. I just didn’t know where to start. You are blessing whether you know it or not. I’m 71 years young and love dancing to the oldies. Thank you so much! Really!!

    • Welcome to my channel, Debbie! I’m thrilled to read that you are new to my channel and enjoying the workouts. If you go to the playlists, you should be able to find more that are suitable for the level you are looking for (if you can do this, the standing beginner workouts are a great start). I hope you continue enjoying them and come back to exercise daily:)

  • I have 30 or so walking videos on my playlist and this is my new favorite – What a great way to start my morning! Perfect for seniors – easy and fun. I’ll be doing this one every day!

  • I really enjoyed this workout. I am 67 years old and this music brings back great memories. I love that I can accelerate a bit to push myself a little harder but never tiring out. Exercise shouldn’t be that hard and you make it seem effortless. Thank you.

  • This was so much fun! I did the 10 minute Bee Gees workout first and added this to it. Thank you for making exercising fun!

  • Just finished your workout. This is my second time doing it and I’m glad I came back. Your selection of music is fantastic and by the way, you do the twist very good. I have subscribed and I will definitely be back. It’s too hot here in Texas to do anything outside. Thank you!!!

    • Welcome to my channel! Thanks for the feedback about the workout. I hope you continue to enjoy my other workouts as you get through them:)

  • I had so much fun! I’m 20 years old and love these types of low impact workouts. I just started working out regularly about a month ago πŸ₯°

    I do a combination of different YouTube videos and today I chose yours as part of my 30 minutes. The music added to the fun. I will try out your other videos. πŸ’ƒ

    • Welcome to my channel and congratulations for starting to exercise! That’s great news. I have quite a variety of workouts since I try to cater to various levels but you will likely enjoy the intermediate workouts the most (and likely the no-talking). Even though I cater to seniors, my workouts are suitable for any age. You can find the no-talking walking workouts under my playlists. I hope you continue to exercise, regardless if it’s with me or others:)

  • What a fun workout! I love the music and in my mind I was singing along as I worked out with you. Thank you

  • Love this!! Im a senior and have had a double knee replacement and 2 open heart surgeries!! I could keep up (sort 0f) but I plan on continuing doing this and Ill get there! Thank you for the FUN workout!!

    • I truly appreciate you saying you had fun and I am so glad you could keep up (mostly!) after knee replacements and major surgeries. I hope you keep coming back!

  • These videos show that you have deepest respect for seniors. I remember each and every song, remember where I was when I heard them. Some make me tearful, some make me so happy. Thank you for doing this! I’m almost 77 (class of β€˜63 – you know, the Boomers) and this is the best video I have found on YouTube. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Suzanne. It is amazing how music can bring back so many memories, give us tingles at times and really work with our emotions. I love the oldies since I’ve listened to the music for so long with working with seniors for so many years. I’m so glad you enjoy this one and I hope you continue to enjoy the various workouts on my channel. Thanks for taking time to comment:)

  • Just started back exercising after a very long hiatus! Thank you for this moderate , fun way of exercising. I need knee replacements but trying to get stronger before I have to undergo that. Thanks for making me enjoy exercise- πŸ’•

  • I’m 72 and lived this music! I got to say this really got me motivated to get started. Was looking for a routine to do in the mornings before going to work. This is by far the “ONE”! Thanks so much!

  • I just started this and love it! The music makes a big difference! I needed a push and all other just didn’t do it but this did it for me! Thank you so much!!!

    • Thanks so much:) Music absolutely makes a difference. It is complicated using copyrighted music which is why I don’t use it all of the time. Plus, any time creators use copyrighted music, we don’t earn anything from those videos (all income goes to the music companies). If I could earn something from them, I would always use this kind of music. I’m happy to create them occasionally, though, since I know it motivates a lot of people to exercise (and that is why I am here!). I’m glad that you enjoyed it. πŸ’–

  • The video is back! A song recently got blocked (Great balls of fire) so I had to trim the song out of the video. I hope you still enjoy the rest of the video!

  • Thank you from all the way across the pond in the UK. After an Achilles injury and subsequent surgery I had put on weight and become decidedly unfit!! When I first started this I was puffed before the end, however now I’m up to doing this 5 times a week and 5Kg down with 10kg more to go…..thank you for being so engaging and I find this brilliant, as although I walk as much as I can at 60 years old I would never set foot inside a gym. Please be assured your videos are making an impact….thank you.

    • Thank you so much for letting me know that the workouts are making a difference. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Congrats on your consistency with doing exercise to reach your weight loss goals!

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