January 4

Women over 50, STOP EXERCISING SO MUCH (it’s not helping you lose weight)


If you keep exercising the same as you used to, you're giving yourself chronic stress. Download The 5-0 Method today at pahlabfitness.com


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  • Ugh. It’s like everything is upside down. Nothing works. I used to skip a meal and lose 2 pounds. Now I skip a meal and gain weight. I’ve tried everything. I just keep gaining. I’m so frustrated!!!

    • Yes! Basically it always comes down to finding that beautiful balance of eating well, sleeping, hydrating, moving, and managing your mind! Those elements work for weight loss, and everyday healthy living. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  • Hi Pahla, Thank you for your inspiring programs! I tried doing your workouts for one month, and it felt moderate for me while I was at it, but after a month I began to feel worn out and now haven’t exercised for some time. Want to start anew, do you think I should try exercising only every other day to recover in between? Am 66 going on 67.

    • have you tried 20 minutes dedicated workout( not cardio)(dumbells, body weight instead) for most days of the week?

      I’ve done this 4 years qnd it took longer to see results with shorter workouts but it is a manageable chunk of time and now the results are mindblowing!

      of course after that 20 min I still stay active and move around throughout the day.

  • I have a question πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ so dose this count for me as well being 45 and going through the beginning stages of menopause?!?

  • I’m curious though, how much is too much? You do the shorter videos but dont you also do the treadmill (i think i remember from a previous video). Or is the workout moderate and the treadmill moderate that you can do an hour but just moderately?

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