March 28

Why You Eat Foods You Know are Bad for You [and How to Stop]


You are frustrated. You cannot figure out why you keep eating foods you know are bad for you. The short answer is – because it is challenging not to. When you eat these off-limit foods, your taste buds say, “yum,” and your brain (the nucleus accumbens) says, “more, please!” On top of that, modern-day convenience meals and snacks are manufactured to contain that magical combination of sugar, fat, and salt that keeps you coming back for more.

It can feel like the cards are stacked against you, but when you understand how certain foods trigger physiological changes that drive cravings, you can bypass the traps and clear the path to your goal.

Photo Credit: Tony the Tiger. (2023, March 7). In Wikipedia.

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  • Dr Becky, why does it always seem like you’re ready my mind or spying on me? I really appreciate your content!

  • Thank you so much for your content. I’ve been following you for about 2 years. You are my go-to subscription. Your calm demeanor, common sense approach and knowledgeable presentation are all exactly what I need. I appreciate you! 😊

  • Your 0-1-2-3 plan changed my life. ❤ this video – great to share because most people have no clue why they keep failing to give up crap processed foods – it the brain connects to dopamine- we are sugar addicted. Just so sad. Wish they taught this to us when we were kids!

  • Its Funny that you would cite and quote Tony Tiger- Its very telling that his name was the first word out of my mouth! I was an addict from day one, born with malapsorption, I was given a type of formula that was nothing natural. My brain is goes there with every trigger. It truly is not fair that these addictions are put in place whike children are so young and well meaning parents, wanting to provide nutrition as well as happy healthy experiences fall into these traps.

  • Great ideas! Some things that have helped me overcome sugar cravings

    1) Dr’s Best Magnesium Glycinate (the capsules not tablets). I’ve always taken Magnesium to help me sleep and for heart health but when I switched to this type it really muted sugar cravings. It takes awhile, but it works.

    2) Amino acids. The Cravings Cure by Julia Ross has great information about various types of cravings and many different Aminos. For instance, L Glutamine will stop sugar cravings in minutes. And you only need to take aminos until your cravings are in control.

    I love Dr. Becky’s channel and her wonderful advice on how to eat, but if you want a little help getting there, Magnesium and Aminos can help you.

    My thought is that in addition to eating more processed food the soil even healthy whole foods are grown in may be depleted in mineral sometimes.

    Thanks to Dr. Becky I’m eating better.

  • I was given sweet drinks in my baby bottle and have always loved chocolate. I definitely associate it with comfort. I have been on and off the sugar wagon since I was a teenager. I had just eaten two of the special chocolates which I got for my husband , who then had to go away, so they were in the cupboard. Also, because I’m not making meals for two I couldn’t be bothered to make a proper lunch and there they were in my afternoon slump. Thank you so much for this plan, you’ve inspired me to keep going with getting out of the sugar trap.

  • Thank you Dr. Becky! I guess I’m fortunate in that I have no sugar craving BUT I LOVE salty chips and salsa and thank to your intermittent fasting book, I completely understand that in our mouths, the carbs in chips are just like sugar to our bodies. Thank you👏🏻💕

  • I try to do this by pounds. In two more pounds I get to have coffee haagen dasz. I like the idea of not thinking “never” having something again. I did this with McDonalds, which we used to eat. I’ve not had any McDonalds in many many years, but I can say to myself that I could have it any time I want because I went so long without junk food. I never want 🙂

  • I aways wonder about that, I find this explanation very helpful a reset is now
    on the agenda and I will definitely try your method.

  • Just like parenting…be consistent. The joy of successful weight loss will eventually outweigh the sugar junk food highs.😂

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