May 12

Why Menopausal Women Aren’t Losing Weight With Fasting


Why Menopausal Women Aren't Losing Weight With Fasting
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Dy Ann is not a doctor. This advice is from her own personal experience with Intermittent Fasting and from the women in this community who have taken her course. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Dy Ann is a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, PN1, certified Running Coach, Certified Metabolic Flexibility Coach for Lumen, and a MindSet Coach for Today’s Aging Woman

I look forward to fasting long, feasting well & training smart with you.

Big hugs,
Dy 💕


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  • Hello from a cool cloudy Croatia. Proud of myself for maintaining a clean 20/4. Only one or two days of boarder line, questionable feasting window.

  • How have you been sweet Dy ann? I have been in and out of fasting mostly out since Feb. I’ve gone from 141 lbs to 150 pounds, Lord have mercy!!!!

  • I so appreciate that this is a lifestyle, not a fad, nor a diet and that you encourage us to find our own unique authentic way to apply the concepts in our lives! You are amazing. So glad I found you and our great group! 💗

  • This was a great video. you made some really strong points! i needed to hear this…i was wondering though about the idea of consistantly sticking to the same 20 hour fasting window. won’t your body just adapt and get used to this, in a similar way that it does when you do the same type of exercise every day. i always thought we need to keep changing things up to “confuse ” our bodies. is this true?

    • Life does that for us. There is NO way to do the exact same thing everyday! We are not robots. Life will happen. Coming back to 20 hours when life happens is the thing most of us need to think about.

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