April 22

WHY does your weight go UP and DOWN all the time??


Your miraculous body is performing BILLIONS of processes every minute of every day, that all take in energy and expel waste. YOU are a beautiful, changing product of biology. 💛


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  • I’m trying! But that number still hits hard when I weigh myself and it’s up over 5 lbs from the day before. I just feel demoralized.

  • I love your top Pahla!
    It’s better for me to look back at the past 4 weeks instead of daily numbers. Otherwise my brain thinks nothing is working! I’m down 14 lbs …. 6 more to go to reach my “short term” goal. You’ve helped me so much!
    ❤ Than you! ❤

  • I’ve come to love the data-gathering aspect of weighing myself daily. It’s just part of my morning routine now – no emotional attachment to the number, I just log it & move on.

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