August 30

Which CALORIE APP is best for weight loss?


Apps don't guarantee your weight loss, YOU do! Lose all the weight you want with The 5-0 Method:


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  • I usually eat the same things so I know the calorie count if I don’t… I ask Alexa or I Google it based on what I’m eating. Most foods come with calorie counts and portions. If I’m making something I add the calories together and divide by portions. And since I’m used to journaling I just like to keep a daily record that I write down on a notepad of what I eat and the calories, and I keep it right on my kitchen counter. I find it the simplest way for me. ❤

  • Hi, I’m loving working through your older videos, going through your ones from 2022 now. Quick question, you talk about five day video series that you’re supposed to use for a month essentially and then move on to the next five. Do you recommend exercising 5 days a week and resting for two or just alternating them each day and working out every day? So far I’m enjoying them and am feeling moderately worked out. I’m only 40 but recently had a hysterectomy, so these workouts are good for me. Thanks so much!

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