April 30

When counting calories SUCKS


You have two options: change your THOUGHT or change what you're DOING. Either way, you can love what you're doing to lose weight!


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  • 👍🏻👍🏻 Your messages are comforting – “Do what works for you”.
    Sometimes I feel like I hate it, but I remind myself how well it’s working to count them. This morning I really wanted a fluffy hot waffle with butter & syrup, as I ate my 2 boiled eggs with salt & pepper. I know I COULD have the waffle, but I’d be hungry an hour later and it would be A LOT of calories if I ate that. I try to remember the reward of losing the weight & fitting into smaller size jeans again, as well as some of the cute tops I couldn’t get into last year. I know everyone is different but that’s how I have been trying to handle those thoughts. I’m down 15 lbs so far!!! 💗💗💗 Thank you Pahla!😊

  • When I was counting, I tried to remember that the better I was at keeping track, the sooner I’d lose weight & could be DONE with counting. There’s no denying that counting worked for me!

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