March 19

What to do with SUGAR CRAVINGS


Step One: stop judging yourself for having them. Step Two: decide if the sugary thing fits into your daily target. Step Three: if necessary, allow the feeling to exist in your body until it dissipates. This is the work we do in the Get Your GOAL Mastermind group:


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  • 90 seconds?? I’m totally trying this next time I get a craving for a salty treat. (BTW, did you happen to get your blouse from Amazon? I have one exactly like it in peach!)

  • I’m finding a baked sweet potato with nothing on it is satisfying in many ways, and I also found a recipe for black bean brownies that I’ve modified, replacing the oil with applesauce & the sugar with a little pure maple sugar & monkfruit sweetener. Sugar has always been my weakness.

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