January 7

Weight Loss Problems: Looking for Diet Swaps #shorts


"A common problem that stands in the way of weight loss progress is looking for diet swaps. There are many food companies that are happy to supply you with lower calorie, lower carb, lower fat, gluten-free, dairy-free, or any other meal, snack, or dessert variation your heart desires.

But many times, when we look for these alternative foods, what we're really thinking is, "How can I have my usual snacks and desserts without the consequences?" This is a mindset that will keep you stuck."

Excerpt From: Weight Loss: A Failure Story?…OR How NOT to Lose Weight:


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  • I have a question for you, I have an esophageal stricture. This means for some time I have to only have liquids. This does include ice cream and pudding consistency. As I say this I have been changing the way I eat for a few months and have lost 30lbs. I am struggling to eat foods that are high in protein and helpful to this process. Do you have any suggestions?

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