November 1

Weight Loss: A Failure Story?…OR How NOT to Lose Weight


Nothing is more frustrating than feeling as if you are doing everything right with your diet and lifestyle routine but not seeing results on the scale. In this video, we will talk about what may be going wrong, when you are doing everything right.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991. Her use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to herself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Gillaspy was a licensed chiropractor in Pennsylvania, but she no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Gillaspy and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Dr Becky Fitness LLC and Dr. Rebecca Gillaspy, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any conclusions drawn, services or product you obtain through this video or site.


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  • I’ve been keto for almost a year. I’ve now run into sleep issues and low blood sugar at night. My skin went prickly. I’m introducing small amounts of complex carbohydrate vegetables. I’m fine with not snacking. I do IF and two meals a day easily. I have under active thyroid in U.K. on levothyroxine
    Has anyone else experienced this situation?

    • Hi Shazza. I once in a while have sleeping problems. Try two dates everynite some 30 minutes before bed, even though they are sweet. u will love it. keep on eating them and u will see a miracle. be well.

    • My Qigong master suggested warm foot soaks before bed to help to fall asleep at night. Of course, watch your caffeine intake during the day.

    • @Silvia Waldsztejn You may as well eat a spoon of sugar. Dates are that high in sugar! This is a terrible idea if you want to do keto.

  • I went keto 4 years ago mainly because of wanting to reduce inflammation due to arthritis. The pain was excruciating and my quality of life was low. It worked so well that I now consider myself in remission. I also lost 35 lbs and relieved a bunch of other small issues. I am successful because I approached LC/Keto as a new way of eating, not a diet. It was never temporary. Thinking you can go back to your old habits and keep the weight off is foolhardy at best.

  • Just like clockwork! This video arrives just as my weight loss efforts have stalled out. Frustration has suddenly turned to hope… Another good save, Dr. Becky!

  • Wow. Thanks for the pure truth. Its so good to listen to your ideas, so logic and simple. It really encourages me to change/go back to the experience I already had and try to reinstall the best way of eating and consequently living. Ur an Angel.

  • Intermittent fasting is going well for me but I am a vegetarian for forty years and will not be changing that so I have a challenging time in some respects with the carbs issue.

    • Me too ! I don’t want to eat meat or beans and a ton of veggies so I need some carbs .

  • My menopause weight gain is outta control!!
    I’m not keto, but I’m also not eating processed foods/carbs.
    I purchased Dr. Becky’s Keto Mediterranean diet and hope it’ll help. Are there other suggestions, tips, or tricks you can share with us menopausal women to help us feel like ourselves again??

    • YES! It’s worth EVERY PENNY to also get her book on Intermittent Fasting! She goes over her 0,1,2,3, plan and goes into the scientific benefits of intermittent fasting. I’m also menopausal and have lost my weight and feel healthier than ever! Best wishes to you🥰, you can do it!

    • @Sheryl Beamer I didn’t mention it, but I also do 16:8 IF.
      To be honest, I’m not consistent, but I will cheat on special occasions or date night with the hubs about once or twice a month.
      I guess I’m at that age where I’ve really gotta buckle in for the long haul 😏

    • Intermittent fasting. Two meals a day, no snacking, start with 12 hr fast, then work your way up progressively by 2 hr increments. Minimum goal should be 16/8, possibly work up to 17 or 18 hr daily fasts depending on your what works for you. You must up protein & healthy fats in your diet & moderate carbs & eliminate sugar for this to be sustainable & a new, enjoyable way to eat yourself healthy & trim for life. I’ve done it gradually over 4 years & people say I look 5-10 years younger. You don’t need any tools except common sense, patience & motivation to be healthy for life.

  • This video could not have come at a perfect time! I have to eliminate refined carbs because it is keeping me in a state of craving and then give into the craving. Ugh! It is a vicious cycle. Thank you Dr. Becky for such motivational and truth behind every video you make.

  • Slim people can be “fat” (over weight) too. Clothing may hide it because it is just a small pot belly. Some people may feel okay with this due to meeting the appearance standards of a society.

    We should consider pushing a new narrative. One of health. Healthy living, Healthy eating Healthy life style etc. I think the mind is set up for failure from the start when the seed of “over weight” or “Fat” is planted and used to sell products.

    Skinny people are and can be fat. It is all about eating the right foods for YOU as an individual. We can only poke and hope when consuming food. We can follow basic advice, but what is good food maybe bad food for your body, but not others. Example: Avocados (great food) but not for everyone.

    The only way to figure YOU out and what works for YOU is to be experimenting all the time. Or be a lab rat 24/7.

    We can all learn from one another by sharing what works for us and what does not. Maybe we can come across a similar body type?



  • Wow! DrBecky you are amazing! How you explained how the body WANTS to keep the status quo really was a “light bulb” moment for me! I think people don’t realize HOW addictive sugar/carbs are!! My birthday was early in October and because of family pressure I HAD to have a cake and it sent me into a downward spiral. “Just one slice is ok and it’s your birthday!!! The sugar once again made me want more. The enzymes in my body craved more!! I’m back on track now, again. You are correct in saying it’s a lifestyle and not a quick fix. Unfortunately, we live in a world that believes sugar is not a drug. Keep up the good work Dr. B and God bless you!!

  • It will never get easy. It will only change. Say you age and develop a medical issue or allergy etc. That means what was a healthy food for you once is no longer working for you.

    Welcome to the rules of life. The rule is to die (all living things do), living and living healthy is the exception. Life and living, and living is work. Face the hard work and what was hard once becomes easy because you’ve been there and done that.

    “Weight loss” should be dropped and we should say: “Healthy Gain or Healthy loss?”

    For me it is not weight. It’s all about feeling healthy, being healthy and living pain free.

    Don’t you just love Ms Becky!


  • Thanks so much again, Dr. Becky. My motivation comes in three forms, 1.I kept my out door sports clothes from twenty years ago, 2. I watched men much older than me xc skiing, cycling, running etc, 3 my MD who is a dedicated low carb-er. I’m fifty pounds lighter, I’m back into wearing my outdoor sports clothing, 3. I just knocked off five minutes from my 4km run pace. I’m 70 now, I have an incisional hernia that appeared after an umbilical repair I had forty years ago, so, no washboard abs for this old guy, but my BP is 127/75, and my BG is well within healthy range for a diabetic, now 12 yrs. True, the endorphin rush from a run routine only lasts 24hrs, but the joy of finishing that 4km and the rush are well worth it. Thank you Dr. Becky!!

  • Truncated/smushed weight graphs are the devil. Lots of up and down points get lost between start and end encouraging the illusion of pounds falling off.

  • As a committed zero sugar, LC/keto follower for nearly 4 years, it is frustrating when no weight loss results are seen. While I’m not losing weight, the positive side is that I’m not gaining weight either. But if the body is fighting to “keep the status quo”, that must be where I’m at. After so many years of commitment, I often wonder where I’m going wrong.

  • I think it should be more moderation I don’t think it’s that great to cut carbs totally out because craving and also dealing with emotions and addictions. I also do therapy and addictions programs and trauma therapy and I do not agree with not having any carbs . Back to moderation and intermittent fasting.

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