March 14

Want to Get Fat Adapted? AVOID These 4 Things


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Anyone can get fat-adapted by changing their food choices and eating schedule in ways that encourage continual low insulin levels. Fat adaptation refers to your body’s ability to convert fat to energy. When you’re fat-adapted, your body is less dependent on quick-energy foods like carbohydrates. Instead, it taps into your energy-rich body fat to power your day. With that energy source now readily available, you experience less hunger, sustained energy, and better fat loss. This video shares how to get fat adapted and four things that can knock you off course.

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  • The carbs I eat are only salads, broccoli, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and those type of vegetables no starchy vegetables or sugar or processed foods…will those veggies cause me issues?

    • Sea salt, pink salt, lake salt. Just don’t take super market salt which is bad for you.
      You get most of your electrolytes from the food. Eat more eggs, meat and saturated fats.

  • Hello Dr. Becky, love your content. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Q: How much broccoli and cauliflower can I eat, and is it still considered low carb? Thanks. Greetings from Costa Rica!!

  • I learned not to eat at Cracker Barrel because of the massive amount of candy stacked around the register area.

    • Sugar, carbs, seed oils and processed foods are highly inflammatory. Remove them from your diet altogether. I wish you good health and prosperity.

  • During the beginning of my Keto journey, Redmond’s real salt saved me! I eat 5g per day still, over 2 years later ❤

  • Thank you for educating, helping so many Dr Becky ❤. I fast twice a week, taking one meal in 24 Hours. Is that the same as intermittent fasting?
    My best to Dr K 🙏🏼

  • I watched you for a full year before biting the bullet and eating Keto. I’m 10 weeks into this new lifestyle and I’ll never go back to eating sugar and processed foods. Thank you so much for the work you have put into this channel. It has equipped me with the essential knowledge necessary to be successful. The benefits far outweigh anything I could have imagined: no cravings, clear thinking, no joint pain. I could go on and on, but one will just have to do it in order to experience it.

  • Thank you for your helpful tips! I’m not consistent… dropped 25 pounds when I started IF, regained 5 during the last 6 months, as I yoyo between low / medium carbs. I tried LMNT and found it too sweet. Are there other options? Thanks again!

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