March 20

Walking Workout & Latin Dance Inspired Exercises for Beginners & Seniors


Join me for this fun and easy to follow along 30 minute Latin dance workout. These Latin dance exercises are for everyone including beginners and seniors. If you like my walking workouts, you will love this workout as well! All moves are low impact and are set to the music. I hope you have fun and dance like nobody is watching!
Each song has about 3 moves that are repeated so it is easy to catch on. Don't worry about being on the correct foot! These moves will really increase your heart rate and burn calories while having fun!
Now get those steps in and get your hips shaking!
Thanks for joining me for this fun dance and walking workout 💃

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My music is from Epidemic Sound

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  • Talk about a fabulous way to start the new week🎉
    Happy Monday my dear🎉
    Thank you fir the happiness I’m feeling right now💞

  • This look like so much fun , looking forward to doing it, thank you , just love your workout and I’m 74 this yr , you are so pleasant to exercise with,

  • That was sooo FUN! What a way to start the day! Laughing, dancing and enjoying! Thanks for another winner!

  • Fun! Didn’t think it would be a sweaty workout — but it was and I really enjoyed it. Love your variety!

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