January 4

This is Why Your Other Weight Loss Programs Didn’t Work


Wanna know why your last weight loss program didn’t work? The short answer is this: they were only trying to change your body. But my friend, weight loss only finishes in your body. It starts in your brain. 

So, if you want to ditch the programs that don’t work, and lose weight for the last time, you gotta know what’s been missing from those other plans. Which is exactly what we’re talking about today.

Weight loss feels like such a “body thing,” and you’ve heard your whole life that it’s all about calories in and calories out, so if you want to lose one pound, you’ve gotta burn 3500 calories. But how come it’s never that easy in real life?

Because sustainable, permanent weight loss isn’t just about your body.

Your brain and your body are always working together, which means that your weight loss program needs to work with them both.

Helpful Timestamps:

00:00 The podcast discusses why other weight loss programs failed.

06:30 Negative thoughts and doubts affecting weight loss.

10:10 Many programs didn't work due to unsustainable habits and food preferences.

13:05 Create belief in weight loss through intentional decisions and data collection, leading to sustainable habits and self-belief.

14:36 Creating belief for yourself is key to weight loss success with the Five O Method. Understanding past failures is essential for making it work.

18:55 Address disbeliefs, sustainable habits, intentional belief, daily journaling, portion control, mindset shift.

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