November 12

Things You Lose When You Cut Carbs – Energy #shorts


"I have been following a low carb diet for years, and I still replenish electrolytes daily. However, replenishing is particularly important when you initially switch from a high carb to a low carb diet. During the initial week or so after you switch, it is common to experience low carb or keto flu symptoms. This brings me to the thing you’ll lose when you cut carbs that you’ll miss, but you’ll get back, which is energy."

Excerpt From: 4 Things You Lose When You Cut Carbs:


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  • 125gm is low carb . I am consuimg 50g and asssume that this is low carb with intermittent fasting but the results are awesome

  • Thanks Dr. I’m about 6 weeks into keto, what electrolyte supplements would you recommend. Currently do avocado for potassium, add salt to meals, and take magnesium malate . Thanks

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