January 10

There are ONLY 3 Ways to Lose Weight – Which One Will You Do?


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Unlike our ancestors, we have 24/7 access to food. Many of the foods available to us have been altered from their natural state to increase their shelf life and crave factor. Our bodies digest and absorb these refined foods quickly, creating a spike in the fat-storing hormone, insulin. These processed and refined foods are also calorie-dense, which helps explain why the average person’s daily calorie consumption has increased by 24 percent since the 1960s.

In other words, we’ve gained weight because of abundance and excess. To lose weight, some restrictions must occur. What you choose to cut back on is up to you. In this video, I explain the three ways you can lose weight.

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  • Girl you are speaking right to me. I have run marathons and did diligently exercising. I will be 60 in a few weeks. It was not until I also added in intermittent fasting and using a glucose monitor have I lost the extra 10 lbs that my doc recommended I lose. Thank you for your info.

  • I feel like 72 (3 days) hours is an ideal amount of time for an extended fast. You can always do it again after a couple days, weeks, or months if you want.

  • I was doing great the last 4 years until I fell in love with a particular alcoholic beverage in a 24oz can. Had them every day. I gained 14 pounds on them without changing my low carb ways then I realized each can was around 600 calories and full of sugar. I completely stopped those drinks without changing my food at all and already down 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Crazy that was all it took to completely run off the rails. Thanks Doc!

  • Humans are SUPPOSED TO GO WITHOUT. Fasting is what we’re supposed to do. Fasting makes you stronger and more healthy.

    Autophagy and Ketones are what you need.

  • It has been 14 months my fasting blood glucose is less than 110 after 25 years of D2T. As 57 years old man , losing weight wasn’t my first objective , but i lost 50 lbs by doing your second advise . Eliminating 3 facto. Sugar , bad fat and refined carb. I got myself a CGM and iI am living much better life by paying attention to any food or drink i take and I think I have chance to see my grand kids. Thanks for amazing videos. by the way I am off 7 meds and insulins.

  • The magic time for regular fasting is 72 hours. Do that twice a month. The rest of the time do OMAD 20/4. And cut out all seed oils, sugars, carbs and processed foods.

  • Is there a keto food list that doesn’t include eggs or cheese? I’m allergic to both. It would be nice to find a keto list or program that did not revolve around eggs and dairy.

  • I’ve learned that to many carbs will actually make you hungrier. I control my fats and protein according to my activity levels. This winter I try to maintain the weight that makes me feel good, which also gives me the energy and strength, I need at the gym. I don’t eat any processed foods or sugar. I’ve learned that if I want to drop weight, I just reduce protein intake and increase my fat. I never actually get hungry anymore. I can eat twice a day with no problems. I quit eating after 4 PM and won’t eat my first meal until 7 AM. I don’t have to count calories anymore. My videos shows my physique now at 69. Strength is the key to not get elderly.

  • Thank you for saying calories do count. I used to gain a few pounds, run it off. I have done keto lost a lot, even then I had to exercise and event count calories or limit snacking etc.

  • It’s KETO for me. I made it my New Year’s resolution. Get some protein in the pan everyone!! I like to start my day with a skirt steak, some bacon , two eggs over easy, maybe some breakfast sausage.

  • I’ve found on my off weeks is where I really start having trouble. On my workout days + 8hr shift I need around 2800 calories if I’m not commuting with a bicycle, on a day I just work I need around 2500. On a complete day off I only need around 2000 if I take public transportation or don’t ride a bike. If I don’t eat a lot of lean meat those days it’s hard to stay full and I end up having a few extra scoops of peanut butter :/. Alot of what it is, is it’s easier for me not to just eat as soon as Im hungry because I’m not just sitting around or laying in bed. I got things to focus on or keep me occupied, or like work I wont just stop what I’m doing and eat a snack. Kinda goes down hill if I try to stop using nicotine. If I forget to buy a can of tobacco after about 4 hours I’ll start raiding the vending machine and eating all my food in one break.

    Really just getting out and going on a hike or riding a bike around in my off time helps burn a few hundred calories. 45 min or so. 10-15 min rides between locations. Etc. Just getting out and walking for an hour and riding a bus back.

  • If I stop eating at 7pm and have coffee in the morning with lakanto monkfruit and coconut-almond milk mixed with a smidge of hwc, then don’t eat til 11 am, is that considered fasting? Thanks for your help. I’m a T1D and need to lose 15 lbs. I struggle not eating keto cake-in-a-mug or oatmeal saison cookies and biscotti🙏🏻 Thank you Doc and everyone here for all your prayers and helping me get healthier

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