May 19

The TOP 3 mindset shifts that will change weight loss


1.) Believing that you can lose weight 2.) Understanding how your thoughts affect your results 3.) Realizing that you literally can't get it wrong


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    • She talks about this in the “Get Your Goal” podcast. The first one she did this year I believe, but others as well. She’s got 15 years worth of workout videos on YouTube & she’s not making new ones. Hope that helps 😊

  • I look forward to your tips daily…it helps bring my mindset back to earth, lol! I’ve also gone back and am repeating the 2022, 5 pounds down every 4 weeks exercise videos. So thankful to have them!!!!

  • I just found your channel, I’ll try your first workout tomorrow, Do we just start anywhere? I’m 69, 5’1”, approximately 127, my calculations I am supposed to eat a little over 1000, cal. And 63 ounces of water, doesn’t seem like a lot of food.

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