May 2

The REAL Reason You Can’t Lose Weight


You have a STRATEGY without the mindset. It's not what you DO that drives weight loss, it's what you're THINKING. Download The 5-0 Method to learn more:


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  • Total truth. Love this lady. Just subscribed. Can’t wait to review content. Thank you for posting this video. ❀

  • Your 5-0 method is the only thing that has gotten the scale to move since I went into perimenapause!! My weight is lower right now than it has been for about 4 or 5 years and I want to thank you for it!!! And eating my amount of calories is actually hard some days! I am also staying really consistent with my exercise because I am not killing myself. I am loving it all and how my clothes fit!! 😘

  • 100%! I was losing a nice steady amount per month then it stopped… conveniently, it stopped at the same weight I had an epiphany at a few years ago. Suddenly, I wasn’t eating the right amount of calories or dong my journal as often as I should.. I knew exactly how many I needed to eat, but I was choosing to eat more each day so I was maintaining, not losing for a few months. This is quite a timely one as it was only yesterday I had a long talk inside my head, jotted it down on paper and decided I could change this. Thank you Pahla, still the best πŸ˜€

  • I may have missed this somewhere along the way, but will you be posting workout videos in the future in addition to these shorts? Thanks.

  • I was doing “really well” on my mindset, but I lost my way about 6 months ago, and seems to be that since then, I am yo-yoing and although not put on a lot of weight, I am not losing it either and I have gained fat back… I can’t get on with the journaling part… it feels a bit alien to me…

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