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The 1 Thing You NEED To Do To Lose Weight While Fasting | for Today’s Aging Woman


The 1 Thing You NEED To Do To Lose Weight While Fasting | Intermittent Fasting for Today's Aging Woman

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Dy Ann Parham LLC will receive a small commission.
Dy Ann is not a doctor. This advice is from her own personal experience with Intermittent Fasting and from the women in this community who have taken her course. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Dy Ann is a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, PN1, certified Running Coach, Certified Metabolic Flexibility Coach for Lumen, and a MindSet Coach for Today’s Aging Woman

I look forward to fasting long, feasting well & training smart with you.

Big hugs,
Dy 💕


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  • I’m so excited to start the course on Saturday! Just before I found you a few weeks ago, I was feeling that I probably need to eat way less often than I do now. I’m 50, been in hormone nightmare for 10 years due to a needed hysterectomy, and this makes so much sense to me. I can’t wait to learn how to put the plan in action! Thank you in advance DyAnn!🥰

  • Doing the Fasting 18-6. Mostly… adding 2-4 miles of walking- 5 days of weight work, trading off upper body and lower body. Lost 25lbs in 6 month’s… 64 years old!

  • I have been on the OMAD since March first. Carnivore diet, mostly beef, bacon, butter and eggs. I’m 63 years old and have lost at this point 41 pounds. Love the whole process. Also quit smoking and drinking all at the same time. I thank God for the miracle in me. Amazing and cherished time.

    • Okay, doing IF since 7/15/22. Adjusting to going beyond the 20 hrs., jolting my system to OMAD. ( one meal a day) I’m excited to say, that going beyond the 20, I feel physical changes throughout my body, like little popping small twinges, of worthy pain, thinking those are the dead cells dying and the new growing, so amazing.🤓. Weekends are hard, where I tend to feast unclean, and yes it looks like 8 lbs., since beginning. I’m 65.5, but I don’t feel it.♥️🎉♥️🎉♥️🎉♥️

    • @Susan Dupre I’m also a fasting carnivore! I just turned 53 and have been carnivore for 3 years. I always felt great, but began carnivore and menopause at the same time, so I gained weight, about 15 pounds and never got it off. I tried 16:8 fasting as a carnivore with no change. I’ve been 20:4 for just about a week now and have dropped 8 pounds. Still feeling great. Hoping to eventually lose between 30- 40 pounds at whatever weight my body will allow. What’s more important to me right now is creating that healing environment Dy Ann speaks about. My mother passed away 2 years ago at the age of 74 from Alzheimer’s and I don’t want the same fate for me. Im grateful for this community and Dy Ann and hope to join one of her classes soon!

  • Oh my gosh! You just turned the light on for me! I’ve been fasting and on very low carb since April 2021 and my weight has been within a 3 pound range. It won’t budge any lower. I’ve been able to stay on this because I feel so good in that there is no more pain or inflammation. I’m 70 and I really want to lose this extra weight and it just won’t go. When you gave the example of using cream in my coffee and talked about being empowered and getting out of the way of my body, you gave me the nudge to allow myself to feel uncomfortable and do this with water and black coffee! Thanks…I’m going to get this!

  • I have was doing IF 18/6 in an effort to help my body heal and it’s working and it also dropped 16 pounds off me which is a great bonus. When I break my fast I only give my body any foods or drinks that heal. I found your channel 3 months into this and have shifted to 20/4 IF. I have found for me that green tea helps to curb my appetite while I’m in the fasted state. I don’t count carbs, calories, and only eat good fats and oils. No processed food, no starch, no sugars in any form. Thank you for all the great info. Oh! I am 68 and a late stage cancer survivor (18 years so far) and I’m certain that the IF will help my body do at least a other 18. I started all this because I am trying to repair great damage done to all my internal organs caused by two incompetent practioners that I unfortunately listened to. Liver, kidneys, and a stretched out aorta. I was fine and healthy before they started ordering piles of wrong prescriptions that did even more harm. So I ended up doing my own research to stay alive. Once I had an ultrasound that showed no fat in my liver (that was after 4 weeks strict IF) I added fruit back into my daily food. I get carbohydrates from the salad, fruit, and tree nuts oh and an avocado a day. Fruits include kiwi, apple, red grapes, and blue berries. I have them everyday. Getting stronger everyday.

    • I also have hard cheese and my favorite is sharp cheddar. There is nothing really strange about what I eat, it is simply very healthy. I’m also making my own dark chocolate pieces with stevia and butter from grass fed cows, because of chocolate’s nutrients. One piece a day.

  • I discovered you last week, Dy Ann, and I immediately subscribed to your channel and signed up for the July fasting class. I have a question that I haven’t found an answer to with your videos. You have stated in this video and others that your body has to heal from the inside out. This has really hit me since I have spent many years wanting to see immediate weight loss results and haven’t been willing to wait. Thus, the weight loss program stopped for me. I believe your statement that healing happens from the inside out. Can you describe what that means, exactly. What happens with your body on the inside to heal? I’m sure you have covered this in videos but I’m new and haven’t found it.

  • Started 20 – 4 fasting – feasting a week ago . I love it ! The hardest part is getting the 2nd meal in the 4 hour time frame I’m not hungry but I eat something anyway . I’ve lost 11 pounds in a week PTL this is really working . I’m so motivated to keep it going . Thank You For Sharing This System . Lord Bless ❤️

    • Hi Vicky, congratulations on your success. Can you share what you have during your feasting window. Thanks so much in advance ♥️

    • @Bridgette Hunt I’m doing the Daniel Fast right now only veg & fruit . No meat , no dairy , no bread , No Sugar only started it this week my first weigh in will be this Friday right now I feel good , plenty of energy but When I check for ketosis it still shows I’m not doing anything but my Clothes say I am . I’m still trying to find what foods work best for me . I keep telling myself you didn’t gain this weight in a week and your not going to loose it In a week . It is hard when you have over 100 LB to loose but as Dy Ann says if I just keep focusing on rinse and repeat it will come off . I don’t think I’ll ever stop this lifestyle I’ve already seen some amazing healing in my body that’s making me want to keep on this journey . Hope your doing well with your journey to a healthier life to .

    • @Alma Burns Hi Miss Alma I
      I did the Daniel Fast for three weeks and to tell ya the truth I felt really good for the first 2 weeks then I started craving meat a lot ! I guess I needed some protein. I ate beans during the fast but had to watch how much I ate them because they’re so high in carbs. I’ve been off the Daniel fast now For a month and I am fixing to go back on it again because I feel so good it’s been interesting learning my body what works and what doesn’t and I still lost 2 to 3 pounds a week that’s not a huge weight loss but if I do that for a year
      That will make a huge difference as Dy Ann says rinse and repeate. Let me know if you’re interested in doing the Daniel Fast I’ll do it with you

  • Just subscribed. You’re really encouraging. Loved “nothing taste better in my mouth than my feet hitting the floor in the morning and….” I’m so menopausing and hormone flucts can really set off cravings. I’ll have to make nothing taste better than feeling good my new mantra and come back often for renewed inspiration. Thanks!

  • I’m so thankful I came across your channel. I just started doing 20 hour fast. Had a few coffee with cream during that window but, in just a couple days I dropped 10 pounds 😮 amazing and I feel great!
    Thank you!

  • Dy Ann – Can you share what nutrients we need to make sure we are getting in during the 4hrs we break our fast. Can I eat more than once or should it be 1 big meal? How do I make sure to get the fiber needed, protein etc?

  • So glad I found your YouTube Channel! As soon as I watched one of your videos, the very next day I started the 20/4 fasting plan. I am three days in and I already feel a little lighter in my belly area. I was doing 16/8 fasts, exercised 5 days a week including weight training and followed a keto diet for years but I just couldn’t loose any weight. Only could maintain it. I think this was the missing piece to the puzzle extending my fast and reducing my eating window. I have an underactive thyroid and menopause which makes it soooo hard to lose weight. I look forward to the results over these next few weeks.

  • I been IF for almost 2 weeks, I did 17 hours for a few days then I decided to 20 and it’s been not a problem for me I experienced lots of detox for sure and that was the worst part but felt good the same time.I’m 55 and always been very thin all my life until menopause and I been miserable! It’s very uncomfortable being fat I have 20 lb to loose and I know I’m in the right path 😀
    Thanks I enjoy your videos very much

  • Dy Ann, I am so glad I found you. I have been doing intermittent fasting for a year. I lost 42 pounds but more than that I am living a more balanced life. I was definitely off-balance. I really like the language you use and the responsibility piece you teach. I think that is such a healthy way to look at things. I look forward to learning more and more from you. Take care.

  • A humble comment: I got rid of 14 % of body fat drinking coffee with heavy cream during my 18 hours fasting , I also walk at least 4 miles 4 times a week … moving is KEY

    • Agree! 25 lbs since thanksgiving, fasting mostly 16-18 hrs, with milk only in my coffee. Exercise a lot. Avocado toast every day. Eat what i want till satisfied.

  • Just found you, I love everything you’re say! I’m working on fasting 18 hours, this was my first week I’ve lost 2.3 lbs so far. I have been struggling for 5 years, I’ve lost weight and then put it back on. Thank you

  • I started again this week (7/25/22). I fast for 16 hours for now. I am glad your video came up in my feed. Thank you for this information. I will follow it. I’m having a challenge with food prep and being prepared to eat well when I break the fast.

  • Intermittent fasting is already making a huge difference in my life. Losing weight has never been so easy and healthy for me! No hunger pangs. No light-headedness, which was always my biggest problem! I feel great! I even do occasional 72-hour fasts with NO problem.

  • I currently have started doing the 16:8 intermittent fasting four days and then 72-hours fasting for 3 days. I just started this, so I can’t say how well it’s working yet. For the first week, I lost four pounds. However, I’m wondering if I should mix it up. Meaning, not do it the same way all the time and change it up. What do others think?

  • Oh my goodness I’m so glad I saw this! I’m in my 2nd month of fasting/keto lifestyle. I’m now fasting for 16 – 20 hrs (depending on the work schedule) and heard you mention not to have creamers or sugars during the fast. I don’t use creamers but I do wonder about the “health” gummies that I take every morning. The first month was marvelous as far as noticing I’m latching my bra at the last hooks (yay!) and I’m shrinking all over but this month seems not so much. Should I give up the gummies at the very beginning of my morning (which I was flabbergasted at the amount of sugars that are in them [4 grams]…🤯) or just stop taking them? Also, I want to verify that eating timetable is 4 hours? I definitely have a hard time eating enough… but I do drink a gallon or more of water minus the coffee and/or teas that I drink. Eating red meat is really tough for me so I lean towards fatty fish… I’m such a mess! 😏

  • Thankyou, by far this has been the most easiest journey I’ve ever embarked on my weight is coming off with ease, even that stubborn back fat is packing it’s bags 🎒 I love your channel ❤️

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