November 11

Sweaty MENOPAUSE STRENGTH Workout | 5PD #60


Wanna get STRONG while you’re losing weight? Then this workout is just the ticket! Today we’re picking up moderately heavy things and putting them back down again to BUILD MUSCLES while in menopause (because it’s never too late to improve your strength or your bone density).

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Grab your dumbbells and let’s go!

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The handy-dandy Gymboss is set for generous 90-second intervals with NO REST and NO REPEAT


High Knee Side Raises
Swinging Knees to Elbows
Side Kick Curls
Side Bend Press Ups
Curtsy Front Punch
Squats with Front Kick Back Kick
Butterfly Side Kicks
Three Point Crunches
Bent Over Flys
Step Back Press Ups
Deadlifts with Front Raise
Super Slow Swimming Frogs

Drinky Birds



Thanks for working out with me, and remember to SHARE the video. See you tomorrow. 💛


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  • The concept of the helpful thought definitely resonates but I had to switch up the language to something more me, so I went with “Really, though?”. Was not aiming for a rhyme with “Cool story, bro” but got one anyway! Thanks, Pahla!

  • Ok, cool story bro! This is the first helpful thought that when I heard it, it felt right for me. My mind is giving me a hard time right now about needing more and now I have a come back for it that isn’t “motherly” or “adulty”. LCool story, bro! You don’t need that, you want that” (I am talking food here, by the way and of course the dreaded exercise gremlin telling me I need more, harder, etc). Love this helpful thought. Great week, as usual. 💗💗

  • I just loved this,I woke up & my body sore from yesterdays workout but I feel amazing & I’m so happy I can use my weights that my nerve pain is better thanks for an amazing workout! Have a wonderful day I’m glad its fri its been a long week 😊♥️♥️♥️

    • I have nerve pain too (from Shingles). I’m glad weights are helping you. I actually feel better after working out so maybe that’s it.

  • Pahla, how could you possibly use the language of ‘a real Sophie’s Choice’ to compare choosing muscle over balance or vice versa, to the choice a woman had to make in a concentration camp regarding which child would die, and which child would be saved, is so insensitive and offensive. Please be more careful and thoughtful.

  • I loved doing this workout early this morning! I love slow strength exercises…they are becoming my favorite. I am noticing I don’t teeter totter as much with my balance moves too! TY Pahla!!💕

  • Wonderful! Thank you as always! Just a thought – since I have to concentrate on my elbow to do the exercise- could you call them elbow Xs?

  • Whoaaaa, 90 seconds!! This was HARD. And that made me want to try it again very soon to prove to myself that I can do it. Thank you Pahla!

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