March 14

Strengthen Walking Muscles | Gentle exercises for seniors, beginners


The gentle stretches and exercises in this video will strengthen walking muscles to enable you to walk better. We start off with a dynamic warm up featuring gentle stretches that loosen up the hips, glutes, legs, ankles and feet. We then move on to gentle exercises for seniors and beginners that strengthen muscles used in walking. We top it off with after walking stretches to help prevent cramps.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Walking Warm Up
04:19 Strengthen Walking Muscles
04:27 Mini Squat
05:30 Squat Hold
07:05 Rear Leg Lift
08:26 Heel Raises
09:09 Lateral Lunge
10:20 After Walking Stretches
10:35 Iliotibial Band Stretch
13:00 Hamstring Stretch
14:22 Calf Stretch
15:49 Foot/Shin Stretch
17:23 Foot Circles

Ready to walk? Try our Walking Workouts:

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