December 20

Stop Overeating…Figure Out Your “Why” #shorts


"To tackle the emotional side of this equation, you'll want to figure out your big "WHY." In other words, why do you want to stop overeating? This is a bit of a tricky question because…"

Excerpt From: Why You Are Struggling with Overeating:


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  • I think the “It” factor is personal to each person. All those general reasons you listed, Dr Becky, are true! Many of us have written them on our New Year’s resolutions, year after year! Our quality of life may start out as a generalization but if we personalize that statement to each of us, the motivation may stick! I want to be able to see my grandchild grow up, some may wish to participate with sports or running around after young children may leave a person less winded… A few thoughts 😊

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