December 19

Standing Exercises for Balance, Core & Toning // Senior & Beginner Workout At Home


This workout is a must for anyone looking to increase their balance while also toning the muscles and working the core. All exercises are performed in a standing position and are low impact. I use dynamic movements to increase mobility and increase flexibility while increasing muscle mass.
I'm using one 4lb dumbbell for this full body workout. Any weight 2-5 lbs would work well.
You will also need a chair for several of the moves. The chair is used so we have correct form as well to serve as an object to hold on to for balance exercises.
If you like my barre workouts, you will love this workout as well!

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  • Great job. Thanks for sharing these workouts. I’m very ill with stage 4 cancer, but hope to get back to doing your workouts if my new treatment is effective and improves my situation, unfortunately I’m immobile at the moment, but have been doing some of your seated upper body exercises to help ease away the pain. So very grateful for your continued support πŸ™πŸ’•

    • Thank you for your support Frances πŸ’œ I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope your treatment goes well, I’m sure you are looking forward to getting your energy back. You can look forward to new chair workouts coming in about a month!

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