October 19

Stability Ball Workout for Beginners & Seniors // Fun Exercises for Full Body Toning


25 minute full body toning workout. This Stability ball workout is great for seniors and beginners.
The exercises incorporated into this workout have a pilates base that is perfect for strengthening and lengthening your body. This video is at a perfect pace to keep your heart rate elevated, but allows you time to get comfortable in each position. The exercise ball is fun to work with and challenges your core to stay balanced and keeps your muscles activated! Make sure you keep your tummy pulled in so you protect your lower back. You will feel great after this workout!
Make sure you have an appropriate size ball to work with. If your ball is too big or if it is inflated too much it will be very difficult to grip with your legs.
I also recommend wearing shoes to help grip the ball. Finally, make sure you have some padding like a rug or yoga mat under you. There is a section where we are on our knees and you need to have some padding or cushion so you are comfortable.

I hope you love this video, I thought it was a lot of fun!

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  • Thank you so much for creating this wonderful workout. I have owned a Stability Ball for years. Thank you for making this new again. I wish it was a longer workout, that’s how much I enjoy this type of workout. It is great for a lively 63 year old senior and puts no pressure on the joints. I hope you will create another one!

    • That makes me so happy Beverly! Thanks for the great feedback. I do have this other stability ball workout. It’s totally different though. It uses the ball for seated cardio and weights. Check it out if you haven’t already!

    • No joint issues but the ball workout here is fantastic! I used to do many of the exercises in PT – love this workout

  • 💕 all your workout videos but this one is one of my fave. It really helps me sustain working out while recovering from my tennis elbow injury. This is my second time to do this workout & I enjoyed doing it. Hope you can come up with more stability & mini Pilates ball workouts. Thank you so much Lauren, really appreciate your coming up with enjoyable workout videos! 🤗

  • Thank you so much. I used to lift weights, however I slowly discontinued and have since lived a sedentary lifestyle.
    I love the balance ball because it’s easy on my knees, which are worn out. Your workout is easy enough for beginners and seniors, but at the same time challenging enough to get results.

    • I’m so glad you think so! Good job getting back into working out. I have some strengthening workouts too that are gentle yet also effective if you still have any light weights around…

  • Wow, I found this one while I was searching for some light pilates with my ball, since I couldn’t do the planned upper body strength workout with weights bc my shoulder feels stiff. And the label senior/beginner was triggering , because yeah, I could do this hahaha. I found it challenging, and I’m certainly gonna do this more often. Great instructions too! Thx!

  • This is an excellent routine for back injuries! It helps me recover and I am not senior yet. I took it very easy in the begining… Two weeks in now, I am getting stronger slowly and no reinjury yet! Thank you so much!

  • I loved this workout and all the ones on the Stability or with soft ball. I found it very complete and balanced. Ciao!!

  • Thank you very much Lauren! I am 36 and It is great for beginners! I loved it! 🌅🙏😃🌷Hugs from Spain

  • I love your video’s and am just starting to work out again. I have arthritis, so have been slow moving for a couple of years. Thank you.

    • Thanks Patty! great job getting started again, that’s the hardest part. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Loved this workout. I’ve been wanting to use my stability ball and this is just right. I’m 52 and your routines are wonderful and at an appropriate speed so I don’t get lightheaded. I’ve been focusing on the ones with weights as well. Great challenges and ways to build more strength.Thank you so much.

  • Can’t thank you enough I have been suffering Trochanteric bursitis for months and just getting up and down the stairs was a challenge. I got very little sleep and was actually very distressed and my mental health was suffering. 10 days of Lauren’s program has turned my life around. I am not completely pain free but so much better than I was and look forward to improving as time goes on. I feel lifted from the darkness. I feel Lauren is a friend that’s helped me through and I am so grateful. No drugs just care xx

    • That’s amazing Janet! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m thrilled to know that you are feeling better both physically and mentally. I couldn’t agree more, movement is the key!

  • This was an awesome workout! I loved the push ups and the leg exercises. They are fun and very effective and safe. Thank you. Ball exercises are my fav.

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