October 19

NEW! Warm Up for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers


This video can be a low-impact warm up or beginner workout for seniors and those new to exercise. It can be done in a chair or standing.

Before exercising, it’s important to warm up your muscles and joints to prepare them to move and help prevent injury.

Pair this video with any yes2next exercise video.

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yes2next celebrates fitness and joy after 50. It’s never too late to start exercising, creating, and doing. Let’s say “yes” to our next adventures in fitness and life.


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  • Nice ! I continued walking or jogging through your warm up and also worked on balance without a chair. Thanks for a variety of warm ups.

  • I like the warm up and the cool down videos. I have been adding more of your videos to my workout. I can easily keep up with you and your mom. I am 79 years old so your videos are the perfect workouts for me. It’s easy to follow because you don’t rush and you explain each workout. Thank you for sharing your videos.

  • Awesome. This is just perfect for me. You have brought positive feelings back into my life. Thank you April and your mum 🌹💝

    • Wonderful. It brings us joy to bring positivity into your life. So happy this warm up is perfect for you. Thank you so much and see you soon! ❤️

  • Just found your videos and am excited to start. You make them so easy for seniors to be able to do. Thank you so much.

    • Wonderful! Welcome! We applaud you for making a commitment to getting stronger! We invite you to join our email list on our website (https://yes2next.com) and receive our a free beginner Jumpstart to Fitness guide that you can download. We look forward to seeing you soon! ❤️

  • 💖🙏Another aspect I love about the two of you…..are the smiles and the giggles….when I start the day feeling low that perks me up…and of course moving will lift me spirits, too. Bless you!

  • Hi April and Aiko! I found this warm up easy, effective, and fun. I came away feeling as though I’d done a mini exercise routine and I felt great afterward. In fact, on a day when sleep eludes me overnight, this qualifies as an appropriate exercise for pooped out me! This one’s a keeper to add to my collection of warm ups because I love variety. Thanks…Anastasia

    • Thank you! Warming up is a gentler exercise routine in itself! So good you are moving your body as you warm it up! Smart too! 👏 Keep it going and moving with us! ❤️

  • Oh ladies you are a life saver! Recently I had a trapped nerve in my lower back and also I was caring for my lively grandson. Every morning before he woke, I would literally crawl out of bed and do your warm up to loosen my body. After a few days my back was better. Thank you 🎉🎉🎉

    • Thank you! So happy to know we helped and you are feeling better! 👏Moving and stretching muscles when you first wake up gets your body ready for the day and the fun of caring for your young grandson! Keep it going and keep moving with us too! ❤️

  • I am 84 and just found your exercise videos and just love them. I usually walk, but with the extremely hot weather we are having am unable to do that, Your classes are helping me to keep moving and I love that I can do them whenever I want and as often as I want. Thank you.

    • Thank you for joining us! We love ❤️ having you walking with us! Mom says Hi and loves having another young 84ish “kid” working out with her! 👏 You are keeping your body strong and fit by exercising and moving! Good job! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

    • Thank you! We love ❤️ having you working out with us! Keep it going and keep moving with us too! 👏 See you soon! ❤️

    • Thank you! That’s the way to do it! Your heart and muscles will love ❤️your efforts! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Just found you “by accident” on Facebook! Totally awesome! Thank you so very much for putting these videos on YouTube. It isn’t easy for all of us to get out to a gym and pay to stay fit. I really want to thank you (all the way from Italy) from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and your mom! 💕

    • Thank you and hello to you in Italy! Nice to have you working out with us from so far away! Happy you found us too “by accident!” Things that happen that way usually turn out good, and here you are working out with us! Nice! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Thank you both for what you do. I’ve just started watching the videos and realize I’m not in the good shape I thought I was. These videos will help me get up to speed. I’m 68 and have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis so I’m a little freaked out.

    • Thank you! Happy you joined us! As a young 68, it’s good that you are exercising! Your heart and muscles will love ❤️ it too! Just start at a pace that works for you! Slo Mo is good and just as beneficial! Check out our Gentle Cardio and Strength Workout which involves no twisting or bending which you may find helpful too! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you soon! ❤️

  • Thank you both. I am grateful for your positive videos (in my opinion) and the new positive lessons I am learning. Thank you!

  • Thank-you Ladies, just discovered your wonderful workouts. Love the interaction between you and your Mom, and love the pop in cat as well. Easy to follow, and leaves you feeling invigorated. Cheers Ladies, well done (From us in Tasmania, Australia) 🙂

    • Thank you and hello to you in Tasmania Australia! Nice of you to join us from so far away! Happy you enjoy the workouts! Mom and Mochi 😍say hi too! Keep up the good work and keep moving with us! See you soon! Cheers! ❤️

  • It sure helps when you say what your body should feel like when your doing exercise the right way. I found myself not doing it right until you would say what it should feel like. Love your videos do them 45 minutes 6 days a week. Age 75. Thank you.

    • Thank you! It’s terrific that as a young 75yo you are exercising with us 6 days a week for 45 minutes! WOW! That is AWESOME! Keep listening to your body! You will know if you are doing it right! Keep it going and moving with us too! See you soon! ❤️

  • I cannot tell you how inspirational you both are! Thank you very much / I am 64 and feel 64!! Lol but you two help me move!!

    • Thank you! Happy you are moving with us! You are a young 64yo! Keep moving and you will feel energized and strong and looking forward to the years ahead! You can do it! We are here for you! See you soon! ❤️

  • I missed doing one of your workouts yesterday and the day did not feel right! Thank you both for these fabulous sessions.

    • Thank you! Your body was letting you know that it feels better moving! That’s great! Love❤️having you working out with us! Keep it going and keep moving with us! See you tomorrow! ❤️

  • Hi April, I just joined you and your mother in doing some exercise. I have just retired and I was looking for a good exercise routine. I also completed your 30 minute walk. Thanks so much. I plan to use your exercise a lot. You and your mom are wonderful!!

    • Thank you! Happy you found us and are working out with us! Good work on the 30-minute walk! YAY! You did a challenging workout, and doesn’t your body feel good? Keep it going to keep your retirement days filled with good health! Keep moving with us too! See you soon! ❤️

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