February 18

Is this workout helping me LOSE WEIGHT or GET IN SHAPE?


Your workouts are doing everything you want them to do. Find over 200 weight loss workouts in The 5-0 Method:


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  • ❤ I love this!
    it’s a great idea to write down body measurements so we can also “see” those improvements as well, because it’s not *just* the scale. I just did this & I’m down 1.5” in my bust, waist & hips. So even though it’s only 5.5 lbs total (lost) it’s BULK & “squish” too. ❤

  • Must admit, I’m not as fit as I used to be. Pahla’s workouts are helping me establish a consistent daily routine. First thing in the morning. Because of limitations I don’t need to go into here, moderate for me right now means I can’t do the walking workouts. But I adjust the moves for myself and I can do all the others. Paula’s narration and explanations help keep my mind engaged and move things along quickly. Working out the body and adjusting the mindset at the same time! I cannot say enough how much I love these workouts!!!

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