January 30

Is this just “water weight” or are you really LOSING?


Find out why your weight fluctuates and how to look for trends over time by downloading the 5-0 method at


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Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss

Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss
    • She didn’t say you are going to lose your hair or nails because you are dieting. She was making the point that if you get a haircut, you will technically weigh less. And that goes back to her main point that it doesn’t matter. Congratulate yourself on your progress.

  • Water is the first thing you lose when starting a diet due to the caloric deficit. Your body burns the fat then goes into your glycogen for energy. Glycogen is bound to the body by water and the process results in the release of water and your clothing fitting better.

  • Bodies are amazing! Thanks for the reminder to focus on the goal and notice the progress we are making. Lightbulb moment gor me: “It’s ONLY water weight” is another example of negative self talk 😊. Progress is progress! We gotta start somewhere😊

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