May 22

Is THIS holding you back from weight loss?


When perimenopause came knocking at my door a few years ago, I wasn’t very excited about letting it in. Because all of a sudden, I didn’t really like my body anymore.

When I was younger, it was so easy to love my body. But as soon as I hit my fifties, I just constantly found reasons to pick it apart.

And when I decided to lose some menopausal weight, I realized just how negative my mindset had gotten.

I knew I didn’t need to just “think positive thoughts” – that’s not how weight loss or mindset works. So I started by recognizing which of my thoughts were helping me lose weight and which of them weren’t.

And there’s a simple way to do that with something that I call the Two-Step Tool.

Step One is to find your thoughts, and Step Two is to decide if they’re helpful.

I actually wrote an entire book about this mindset tool, called Mind Over Menopause, which is coming out next month. You can preorder a copy from your favorite retailer here:

In it, I tell the whole story of how I lost weight (and you can, too!) by using the Two-Step Tool to find my unhelpful thoughts about my weight, my body, what I was eating, and how much I was exercising, in order to break out of that negative mindset and step into my middle age and beyond, feeling amazing.

Today’s video is the first in a short series – coming out over the next few weeks – where I’ll be sharing more with you about the Two-Step Tool and how you can use it to lose weight and love your menopausal body. 🌸


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  • WOW this was a booster I needed today—thank you, Pahla! 🙏🏻🌸💜 My body-love has been very low, since hitting 50 nearly six months ago, and the changes have been happening thick and (seemingly) fast. So thankful for your 5-0 Method ans this two-step approach. Sometimes my brain fog has been enough to deal with, the negative self-talk just adds more clutter I don’t need. 😂 A lot of releasing at this stage of life, physical clutter, but also mind-clutter!

  • I so needed to hear this! It’s like you were reading my mind. . .😉. Can’t wait for the other videos you mentioned.

  • You only gained 10 lbs you’re genetically lucky. I’ve been struggling with 50 lbs it’s the heaviest I’ve been in my life, and I’ve been using My Fitness Pal, weighing everything, exercises….. for the last five years and it’s not working out.
    Only if I eat less than 1,000 cals but then I struggle with hypoglycemia.

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