January 28

Is FAST weight loss really BETTER?


Don't wait until you lose weight to start feeling confident! Download the 5-0 method at getyourgoal.com for more information!


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  • Yeah 100%. I’m going to be 50 soon & I weigh more now than I have in years… since the birth of my last child 17 years ago. But I’m doing your program… all of it! Thank you again for putting all of this content out! I was doing everything the same way I learned to when I was 16 & it’s not working anymore. Time to switch things up. I’ve had some really unhelpful thoughts that I’ve been journaling, but also about the same number of positive ones! Thank you Pahla B! Oh, by the way, the podcast episode you did on drinking water a month or so ago was super helpful to me! My lips have been extremely dry for years, and I never pieced it together. Right now my lips feel better than they have in years! I was not drinking enough water!💧💦💧

  • These are valid points that I find true when I’m thinking about appearance and social discomfort. My first thought as to why do I want to lose weight quickly is because it’s been such a struggle and I want to get it over with. I’m tired of decreasing mobility and increasing aches and pains. So I want a quick solution. Quick solutions did work in the past, as far as dropping the weight in the short-term. But without managing the mindset and developing sustainable habits over the years I have not been able to stay at a healthy weight. Pahla’s 5-0 method it’s a much healthier framework for me, and I’m not look for a short-term fix, I know I’m on the journey that’s going to take me to Better Health

  • I think that when you change your body your self confidence grows much more.
    It happened to me. When you are overweight there are clothes you can’t wear, there are certain things that makes you uncomfortable.
    At the time I lost weight, everyone was complimenting how confident and powerful I looked.

  • I tend to want results ASAP, but now at 62 I realize that my body takes longer to do a LOT of things. I”m happy to report that I’ve been doing your workout videos almost every day since January 2022 and have learned so much from you, Pahla! I lost about 10 pounds in a year, but more importantly, I’ve become stronger, have better balance (core strength) and I didn’t starve myself. I’ve always chosen healthy foods, but I realized that I needed to pay attention to portion size and also not cut calories too dramatically. Thank you! I recommend you to all my friends! :))

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