March 22

I’m not losing weight. Should I lower my calories?


Maybe. But also, maybe not! Be sure to check in with your consistency in all FIVE areas of The 5-0 Method before making changes:


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  • Well, if I get on the scale and it has the same or higher number, it is a FACT that I am not losing weight. That is not just a feeling.

    • Mindset is everything positive thoughts promote positive actions. My positive thought was to revisit my calorie intake and I found I was not included my beverages and since I have begun to include drinks the scale has begun to show my hard work! Good luck! Stay positive 😊 It is a tough road but we are tougher!

  • I discovered you when the pandemic started and have been working out with you ever since. Thank you for giving us hundreds of workout videos, podcasts, the 5-0 method, and these shorts at no cost to us. I understand you have published a book and now have an extremely time-intensive coaching service for paying clients in order to help women and, you know, make a living. While I cannot afford the service right now, I do appreciate your leaving all of these great resources — did I mention — for FREE? Goodness, how do people think you’re supposed to grow, to make a living, (much less sleep) by doing more of the same things? Besides, how many different ways can you move about for 23 minutes while reinforcing the 5-0 method? You be you, Pahla-Boo, and ignore the negative. 🙂

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